Kenzo Reversible Puffer Jacket

Your mum was right when she said that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Practical and stylish, this reversible puffer jacket from Parisian brand Kenzo features a plain navy side and a rather more vibrant option, for when you get out on the colourful side of bed.

It packs away easily into the included drawstring bag, making it the perfect piece for a weekend getaway when you’re not quite sure of the dress code.

Available at Harrods, priced £400.

Dog Run Moon: Stories By Callan Wink

Deserving of its outstanding reviews, Dog Run Moon: Stories is New Yorker-published Callan Wink’s debut book.

A collection of tales about lonely, troubled men, reserve it for when you’re feeling just that way too.

Available at Amazon, priced £17.92.

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

The minimalist trainers that inspired a thousand imitations, Common Projects’ Original Achilles leather sneakers are back for another season.

The cult favourites are hard to beat, their sleek style and narrow profile standing apart from the copies. Wear your gold numbers with pride.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £265.

Carven Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt that was made for Sunday Funday, it’s comfortable enough to ease you out of a hangover but fashionable enough for wherever you’re getting some hair of the dog.

The French terry fabric is also soft enough to pass-out in, just in case.

Available at East Dane, priced £205.

Supreme Leather Heavy Bag

For the hypebeast who feels like getting in shape (or the hater after something to vent on) we bring you this kinda ridiculous, kinda awesome hook-up between Supreme and boxing brand Everlast.

Just be careful that all that bag work doesn’t bulk you up too much to fit into that bomber jacket you queued for two days to buy.

Available at Supreme, from 25th February.

Le Specs Pharaoh

It’s finally getting light out, which means it’s time for new shades. If you’ve been rocking the Wayfarers since before Justin Bieber hit puberty, it’s time to upgrade to something more individual.

These luxury shades feature a unique flat lens, spring loaded hinges and metallic foil detailing, in a shape that flatters most faces, and which every other guy on earth isn’t already wearing.

Available at Le Specs, priced £75.

Eterna Royal KonTiki Chronograph

Eterna is the best Swiss watch brand you’ve never heard of. With over 150 years of horological heritage, the company operates its own manufacture and continues to produce innovative movements, like the calibre 3916A nestled inside the new KonTiki Chronograph.

Its 65-hour power reserve, date and flyback function come housed in an appropriately hardy case – it’s named after the raft Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl piloted across the Pacific in 1947. So even if you don’t navigate by it yourself, you know it can at least survive a ding on your car door.

Available at Eterna, priced £3,495.

Mr Porter x Lock & Co Hatters Bowler Hat

In a nose thumb to tradition, Mr Porter is celebrating its half decade by giving, rather than receiving. This hook-up with British hatter Lock & Co – which since 1676 has crowned the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and families who wear actual crowns – celebrates the bowler hat that Mr P’s chosen as its fifth birthday logo.

Even if you don’t plump for the IRL version, if you can spot a bowler hat pin on any page of the website, you’re in with a chance of snagging £5,000 to spend there. Which buys you 16 hats, plus enough change for an umbrella to complete the look.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £295.