Jabra Sport Coach Headphones

Snitting (un/intentionally miscounting reps during a workout) is a gym crime up there with skipping leg day or farting while other people are breathing heavily.

The newly announced Sport Coach Headphones from Danish audio firm Jabra can’t claim to curb all types of baffling behavior but they do offer automatic rep counting thanks to a built-in motion sensor. What’s more, you can train like a champ with the help of in-ear coaching that monitors your planned workout.

Available at Jabra, priced £119.

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

Sure, a yacht is a gentle and relaxing way to bob along the briny. But who wants to do that? Hop aboard the equivalent of a waterborne motorcycle instead and take the need for speed to the open seas.

New for 2017, the lightweight and nimble Trixx aquascooter from industry leader Sea-Doo is powered by the most compact engine on the market, allowing it to ride the waves at 50mph. Plus, an eye-catching colourway means your tricks and flips won’t be the only thing getting attention.

Available at Sea-Doo, priced from £7,199.

Coach Delancey Chronograph Watch

Timepieces are big business, but that doesn’t have to mean big bucks. Despite being well known for crafting luxurious leather accessories, when New York brand Coach got into the watch game in 2015 it did so with a range that came in under £300.

To celebrate turning 75 this year, Coach has expanded the line and created a special gents watch that’s increasingly affordable but evermore stylish to mark the occasion.

Available at WatchShop, priced £250.

Whyd Voice-Controlled Wireless Speaker

It doesn’t seem that long ago that shouting at inanimate objects would have got you locked up. However, it’s a hot habit in the world of speakers these days, with personal robot DJs on the rise.

French startup Whyd just unveiled its first physical device – an 11-inch tall pill-shaped speaker that features five omnidirectional microphones capable of working with every major streaming service to play any song on demand.

Available to pre-order at Whyd, priced £230.

Lewis & Co Park Lane Black Leather Trunk

The ‘man drawer’ is miniature cave of wonders, home to all matter of manly items. But just because it houses our tools, condoms, porn mags, batteries, padlocks, instruction manuals and the like, it needn’t be rough round the edges.

The Park Lane trunk from London-based design firm Lewis & Co is made from first grade buffalo leather and finished with a slick crocodile print. Depending on what you fill it will, may we suggest putting that padlock to good use.

Available at Lewis & Co, priced £595.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Imagine: You get home from work (okay the gym, okay the pub) at a reasonable time so decide to stop turning your underwear inside out and put on a wash. After smugly hitting start you spot a rogue shirt at the bottom of the wash bin.

Normally that would be your lot, but Samsung has come up with a door-within-a-door mechanism that lets you drop in extra items after the cycle has started. You can even control the machine from a mobile app. Yes, as in from the pub.

Available at Samsung, priced £1,299.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera

History tends to repeat itself; a saying true not only in style but in all areas of culture. Even in photography, old is the new new.

Instant, filter-free photos (aka the dusty old Polaroids lurking in every loft) are currently having a moment. Models like the retro-styled Instax Mini 70 from Japanese camera maker Fujifilm has brought the format into the 21st century, offering a range of versatile shooting modes including a selfie option and front facing mirror.

Available at Selfridges, priced £99.99.

Uber Driverless Cars

Ever been sat in the back of a chatty Uber driver’s car after a night out, being forced to hold a conversation while all you want to do is concentrate on not throwing up? Of course you have, we all have.

Luckily the cab-hailing app is getting ready to trial driverless cars in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of plans for a worldwide roll-out. Mind, for the meanwhile the self-driving cars will come with an Uber ‘co-pilot’ to monitor the service, so maybe just pretend you’re on the phone.