Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage

If you’d describe your current car as ‘reasonably priced, safe, reliable, and comfortable’ stop everything, reevaluate your life and buy this beautifully restored 2003 Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage. Portuguese custom shop Cool Vintage has kitted out the five-speed man-machine with a new cappuccino colorway and handmade premium mohair brown hood, resulting in the coolest, most photographic 4×4 ever.

Available at Cool Vintage, priced £37,000.

Bateman Skincare

We don’t often hold Patrick Bateman up as the model man (the whole flinging chainsaws at prostitutes thing makes it kind of hard), apart from when it comes to his bathroom cabinet. For the first time, the devilishly handsome killer’s meticulous grooming regimen has been bottled, with products like a rose hip and seaweed facial cleanser. So now everyone can have a stab at being an American Psycho.

Available at Bateman Skincare, priced from £23.

H&M x Happy Plugs

H&M has long proved it has the Midas touch when it comes to collaborations. Supercharging its tech offering with this latest project, the retailer has teamed up with fellow Swedish fashion and tech brand Happy Plugs on a range of typically Scandinavian speakers, headphones and phone cases.

Available from December 1 at H&M, priced £60 for speakers.

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

Every audiophile needs a pair of high-style headphones to ensure their style doesn’t drop along with the bass. Marshall’s new Mid on-ear cans sport the brand’s signature black and gold look, plush headband and iconic script logos while delivering 30-plus hours of playback.

Available at Marshall Headphones, priced £169.

Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric Concept

Sure, a pair of sneakers you can dissolve in your sink sounds a bit Bateman-esque. But actually, with Adidas alone turning out 300m pairs a year, the sports firm’s latest concept is a step towards reducing the amount of trainers piling up at landfill (shame on you, sneakerheads.) If that’s not enough to convince you, the cutting-edge kicks are made from biodegradable synthetic spider silk, which in itself sounds awesome.

Smeg ECF01 Coffee Machine

Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or a cappuccino connoisseur, Smeg’s stylish entry into the coffee machine market has got you covered. Stuffed inside the retro-looking machine is some very modern tech, including a function that can remember and replicate your usual brew at the touch of a button.

Available at Smeg, priced £280.

HTC 10 Evo

We’ve all suffered through some really, truly awful sequels (Speed 2, anyone?). Luckily, the latest HTC 10 smartphone bucks the trend by outshining its predecessor. The Taiwanese firm’s new Evo model builds on the original with a larger screen, tougher case, water resistance design and fast charging, but also sounds the death knell for the headphone jack. RIP.

Available at Carphone Warehouse, priced £569.99.

Matrix PowerWatch

Being able to charge a device by touching it is way up there on the list of superpowers we want. Until then we can at least pretend with the Matrix PowerWatch. The super-smart smartwatch never needs charging because it uses the wearers body heat to stay juiced and measure calories burned, activity level, and sleep.

Available to pre-order at Indiegogo, priced from £80.