Kanye’s output is, to put it delicately, divisive. But as far as his Yeezy Boost sneaker line with adidas goes, we’re firmly in the want camp. Just not so much that we’d spend three days in a sleeping bag outside Footpatrol to try and cop a pair.

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Seemingly unimpressed with an already ludicrous level of hype, designer James Warden decided to play a game of ‘what if?’, mocking up how he imagines some of streetwear’s most grail brands might rework the 350 and 750 Yeezy Boosts.

The Comme Des Garçons take – with the brand’s iconic heart on the heel, à la its ongoing collaboration with Converse – seems pretty on-point. We’re less convinced about the burger bun-starring, Big Mac take from those wags at McDonald’s. And we just hope that the imagined Supreme x Yeezy hook-up never actually happens, lest the hype grows so dense a black hole forms outside Supreme’s New York store.

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