If the most exciting thing in your bedroom is a new Nintendo Switch, it’s time to shake things up.

We’re not suggesting you ditch the tech altogether, mind. App geniuses have been hard at work creating tonnes of downloadable magic that’ll give your bedsprings a workout.

We’ve selected 10 of the best, so step away from the games controller and start pushing the right buttons.

Naughty Sex Tracker

Before you steamroll ahead with spicing up the bedroom, use the Naughty Sex Tracker to gauge where you’re at right now. Available on iOS, the app uses Apple’s built-in HealthKit to automatically read and store data on each sexual encounter including the when, where and how long of each session, and you can even rate the rendezvous if you want to keep a (slightly creepy) log.

Available on iOS, free.

Dirty Game

Think Truth or Dare on a fistful of Viagra. The Dirty Game app starts by asking some fairly softcore icebreaker questions – such as ‘What is your sexiest feature?’ – before quickly ramping it up with flirting, romance, foreplay and sex, via various tasks that can be used as the build-up to getting down-and-damn-right-dirty.

Available on iOS, free.


Level-up lovemaking by gamifying the whole experience. Desire is an app in which you earn points by completing and challenging your partner to some of its 33,000 dares across categories like ‘outdoor’ and ‘fantasy’. So if you and your partner regularly thrash it out over Trivial Pursuit, swap the dice for the device.

Available on iOS & Android, free.


Asking a partner about their fantasies and desires can be awkward at the best of times, downright impossible at the worst. Kindu aims to save the red-faced chat by getting two users to swipe left and right, AKA ‘let’s do it’ or ‘never in a million years’, on up to 600 scenarios while alerting to any matches. It’s basically Tinder for the shacked-up and seriously horny.

Available on iOS, free.

Sex Positions 3D

Open an entire world of coital contortion and swap vanilla for something more flavourful with Sex Positions 3D. The app packs hundreds of examples of ‘sexercises’ that’ll stretch both your limbs and your imagination. There’s even the option to go all naked Minority Report while wearing a pair of 3D glasses.

Available on iOS, free.

Pocket Kamasutra

For any sexual adventurer looking for more moves, taking tips from the Kamasutra sounds like a no-brainer. But books in bed don’t tend to be sexy (plus, there’s that added papercut risk that no one wants). This pocket rocket version lets you keep track of what you’ve tried and liked, and will suggest new moves accordingly to keep things fresh.

Available on iOS, free.


It’s not just Zayn and Gigi who like a spot of Pillowtalk. The similarly named app provides sexy audio suggestions of what to do to yourself and each other; think of it as a sat nav for in the sack. Just don’t forget to plug your headphones in on the bus.

Available on iOS, free.


There’s boosting your sex drive and then there’s taking it intergalactic. If ready to push to the next level, 3nder works in the same way as Tinder, allowing you to swipe through willing participants to have a threesome with.

Available on iOS & Android, free.


Names can be deceiving, and this one is anything but hearts and flowers. Lovely consists of a smart vibrator that fits around the penis and claims to deliver stronger erections, longer lovemaking and stimulation for her. Plus, a dedicated app records data, learning likes and dislikes and sending suggested sex positions based on the outcome (we think you can guess).

Available on iOS, priced £137.

WeVibe Sync

Sex toys can sometimes leave one person feeling left out. Fortunately, WeVibe is an app that can be used to control a vibrator anywhere in the world. Okay, it has to be the vibrator connected to the app, but once that’s sorted, go ahead and adjust rhythm and speed via the on-screen controls or by voice. Long-distance relationships just got more interesting.

Available on iOS & Android, priced £179.