The Pitti peacock is a rare bird. Braving the Florence heat in looks seemingly inspired by Sgt. Pepper’s, the flock migrates but once a year to Italy’s biggest menswear trade show in a bluster of primary colours, tweed and long-perfected poses in the pursuit of a viral street style shot.

Yes, they’re easy to mock because, yes, they are more than a little try-hard. But there’s still some impressive style inspiration to be had. Since the introduction of shows like Gosha Rubchinskiy last season, the usual Pitti Uomo crowd has diversified. So here are this year’s best looks to put a feather in your fedora … Though please, don’t do that.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

On paper, pastel blue check sounds like a red flag. Especially when it comes on a double-breasted jacket with extra-wide lapels. However, teamed with quieter tone and minimal kicks, this is breezy summer formalwear done well.

Pitti Uomo 92 pastel blue jacket

Check The Fine Print

Cuban collared shirts are all shades of Mr Ripley, yet you can move the piece into 2017 with a subtle print. Simply pare down any potential statements with wardrobe staples et voila: an easy win that’s never dull.

Pitti Uomo 92 printed shirt

A Bright Idea

As one of the trickiest shades in the book, yellow can be more feverish than mellow. When paired with staple slacks however, the colour can complement matching accents for a memorable look.

Pitti Uomo 92 yellow look

Supreme Leader

If you own a Supreme t-shirt, make like a 15-year-old from Hampshire and flaunt it (you’ve probably queued for it, after all). If you want to graduate from Year 10 style moves though, team with a tailored suit – an easy way to dress down formal regalia.

Pitti Uomo 92 Supreme t-shirt

The Right Stripes

Stripes on stripes on stripes may be a look most often seen on convicts. But since print clashes have found a safe space in menswear, a series of checks and stripes can sit pretty providing you stick to an overarching palette.

Pitti Uomo 92 stripes

Delicate Flower

We get it: summer’s out, bring on the Hawaiian shirts. If you’re tired of the tiki that comes round every season though, opt for a lighter take on Honolulu flora, mixing common motifs with patchwork stripes and prints.

Pitti Uomo 92 Hawaiian shirt

Short Temper

The ‘shorts suit’ lingered last summer like a boil. This season, thankfully, you can lance that particular eyesore in favour of a far easier win – frayed, casual shorts. The style (and a contrasting colour) tempers the stuffiness above, and you can flit between several looks with ease.

Pitti Uomo 92 frayed shorts

Style Hunting

Earth tones have long been a safe menswear choice, and the formula extends to tailoring, too. A combination of a safari-ready suit with a khaki denim shirt underneath ensures an element of ruggedness, but the tailoring makes for a look that’s part Lawrence of Arabia, full desert eagle.

Pitti Uomo 92 safari suit

A Slicker Throwback

While there’s endless merit in classic tailoring, overdo it and you can come over a little, well, Pitti. So channel the 50s instead with a simple two-piece finished with a vibrant Cuban collared shirt and vest – no tie, and no blending in either.

Pitti Uomo 92 Cuban collar shirt

Fifty Shades

Light grey isn’t the most obvious of tailoring shades. When used within a narrow palette of flattering colours however, it’s a foolproof alternative to monochrome that’s both classic and memorable. Just remember to keep fabrics light for summer climes.

Pitti Uomo 92 light grey suit