The name ‘widow’s peak’, meaning the downward V in the middle of a person’s hairline, originally came about because it was believed a woman who had one would outlive her husband owing to its similarity to the veil worn during mourning. Dark. These days, though, they’re sported by some of Hollywood’s most famous faces and can be a blessing – they lend structure to the face shape, add an element of symmetry (whether you’re blessed with perfectly proportioned features or not), and signify a strong and healthy mane.

The actual cause of a widow’s peak is thought to be genetic, so if you don’t have one, there’s no use trying to tease down some strands in the middle to get that DiCaprio look. If, however, you were blessed with this most vampiric of hairlines, we’ve compiled 20 of the best ways to maximise its potential.

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Slicked Back

The DiCaprio Classic

Good Enough For Gandy

Bedheaded & Beardy

The Highlight

The Quiff

Smooth & Sleek

Easy Breezy

Big On Top

Crisply Parted

Side Part, Side Eye

Straight Back

Vintage Waves

Pompadour Peak

Beachy Textures

Choppy Waters

Bold & Back

The Crop

Hirsutely Handsome

A Bit On The Side