Few blockbusters are as intentionally stylish as the Kingsman movies. A ring of gentleman spies with a hidden base on Savile Row obviously need to look the part, so it’s fitting that the movies have their own tie-in range of menswear produced and sold by Mr Porter.

This week saw the London premiere of the second film in the series Kingsman: The Golden Circle and – fittingly – it was the most stylish red carpet of the year. Here are our five favourite looks and what you can take from each of them.

Taron Egerton

Lesson Learned: Grey Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Taron Egerton burst into the spotlight on the back of his role in the first Kingsman movie in 2015. As the hero in a franchise hinged on well-dressed espionage, you’d expect some snappy dressing from the Welshman and this three-piece suit didn’t disappoint. The black tie and laser-straight pocket square keep things suitably Connery, but the salt and pepper fleck in the subtle stripes lifts what could have been a boring choice.

Channing Tatum

Lesson Learned: Embrace Your Inner 1920s Mobster

Channing Tatum proved that double-breasted, pinstripe suits aren’t just for mafia dons when he strode onto the red carpet last night. Topped off with a statement, patterned pocket square and crisp white shirt, Tatum once again showed how well-built men should look in tailoring – note that slimming pinstripe and angular collar in particular. When it comes to dressing to the nines, Tatum’s the godfather.

Colin Firth

Lesson Learned: Match Your Glasses To Your Suit

If anyone is a walking embodiment of that classic, refined London style that men all around the world trip over themselves trying to replicate, it is Mr Colin Firth. The actor’s bold-framed, black glasses echoed the lines and colour of his peak-lapel jacket to excellent effect last night and if we know him, it was far from accidental.

Mark Strong

Lesson Learned: Style Is In The Subtleties

The 54-year-old actor’s double-breasted, peak-lapel, windowpane-check jacket and matching trousers are worthy of a write up themselves, but it was Strong’s burgundy tie and matching pocket square that really made this outfit pop. Matching your accessories like this can look more groomsman than Kingsman but it works here to ground the pattern in the suit itself. Proof, if ever it were needed, that the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

Pedro Pascal

Lesson Learned: Dress Codes Are Open To Interpretation

On a red carpet awash with blue, grey and black, Pedro Pascal’s daring textured, pinstripe suit stood out from the crowd. Styled with a burnt orange turtle-neck and a pair of black, buckled biker boots, Pascal showed us all that sometimes it’s good to go against the grain.