Unless you have the willpower of a monk, chances are you’ll have already flaked out on January’s hungover, but well-meaning, pledge to get healthy and find your inner, chiselled Adonis in time for summer. Congratulations, you’re a normal person.

Rather than beating yourself up over it, simply put the takeaway menu down, switch off Netflix, put some trousers on (for the love of God) and get yourself a brand-new hairstyle instead.

To help you do so, we’ve picked our current favourite celebrity ‘dos and tapped some of the UK’s top barbers for a step-by-step guide on how to recreate their signature look at home.

Forget about ‘new year, new you,’ we prefer ‘new hair, new you,’ anyway.

Nick Jonas

Style: Classic Buzz Cut

Great-looking hair isn’t just for those willing to get out of bed four hours before work to sculpt the perfect barnet. Case in point: Nick Jonas’ now trademark buzz cut.

The younger Jonas rocks a ‘Close’ grade all over, though plenty of variations of the style have made the rounds in recent months – from a Kanye-style induction buzz cut (the shortest of the lot) to longer crew-cut styles trialled by the likes of Zac Efron. If in doubt, or making a dramatic switch from a longer style, ask the barber to gradually take more off until the right length is reached.

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“A buzz cut is perfect for any man looking for a no-nonsense, incredibly easy style to maintain,” says Murdock senior barber Carl Taylor. “Generally, it’s more naturally suited to those with slightly squarer head shapes and jawlines.”

Prepare to save a fortune on products, too: “You’ll barely need to use a thing once your barber’s finished,” adds Taylor. “They should also be able to advise you on using your clippers to keep things sharp in-between appointments.”

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Ryan Gosling

Style: Soft Quiff

Unfortunately, having the face of Ryan Gosling isn’t a possibility for anyone apart from Ryan Gosling. You can, however, emulate his hair. The La La Land star isn’t just famous for his immaculate red carpet appearances or Vines refusing to eat cereal; his timelessly cool quiff has served him well for several years now, even spawning its own name: ‘The Driver’.

To achieve this modern twist on Steve McQueen’s iconic locks, “Go for a natural side parting, with a little bit of length through the side for texture and medium length on top,” says Mikey Pearson, director of London men’s salon Manifesto.

Blessed with a head rounder than Karl Pilkington’s? A style similar to Gosling’s will work wonders for you, adds Pearson: “Creating height on top [with a quiff] will make the face shape look less round. The style is also a safe cut that’s very versatile.”

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The products for this cut are influenced by the hair type, says Pearson: “In the case of Gosling’s fine, blond hair you wouldn’t want to use heavy or high shine products [which can clump hair together and weigh it down]. Instead, I would recommend a matt clay or paste.”

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The Weeknd

Style: Shaped Afro

If we had to describe The Weeknd to somebody last year, we’d probably have said something like: “You know, the guy with the crazy hair?” However, now that he’s gone short, we’d have to update that to: “You know, the guy with the great hair?”

Out is the tree-person dreadlock sculpture and in is a much neater, sharper style that is best achieved by asking for a short back and sides or fade with length left on top for texture, according to Murdock’s Taylor: “Sharp edges are also a must for this type of cut [to balance the curls on top].”

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The Toronto-native singer’s current look is best suited to those with afro hair that’s particularly thick, while the tight sides and sharp edges will perfectly complement rounder face types.

To style, use a bristle brush to keep any fly-away hairs in check, and then scrunch in a pomade to achieve a healthy-looking finish. If you’ve opted for more length through the top, use a hairspray and afro comb to properly shape. Pat to keep in place.

For maintenance, Taylor recommends a specialist water- or oil-based product: “[This] will effectively lock in moisture and prevent the hair from drying out.”

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Zayn Malik

Style: Mid-Length, Loose Centre-Parting

Since going solo, Zayn’s success has seemed to know no bounds, and we can’t help but think that it’s definitely (probably), because of his hair. In fact, if we had his most recent ‘do, we reckon we’d stand a pretty good chance with Gigi Hadid too. Worth a go at the very least, surely?

“Zayn wears his hair loose and disconnected through the top with shorter, but naturally compact, back and sides,” Nomad London’s head barber Liam Campbell explains. The result is a mix of the 1990s boyband styles making a return and longer, more textured cuts; both of which were picked out as key hair trends for 2017.

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Fortunately, the style can be worn by most, as a barber is able to tailor its particulars to accentuate or (within reason) create a masculine square shape on the face.

When it comes to styling, Campbell recommends a sea salt spray or gel for texture: “[This] can be blow-dried into the hair to give it shape and then finished with a matte paste or cream.”

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Milo Ventimiglia

Style: 1970s Masculinity

Milo’s Ventimiglia’s recent enviable moustache and shoulder-length locks have elevated him to the ranks of celebrity hairstyle royalty. So who better to take style cues from?

Joe Mills, owner of London-based barbers Joe and Co., describes the actor’s hair as a mid-length, layered cut and suggests asking your barber for exactly that. “The reason this style sits so well is that it’s been cut into with scissors, helping it to not only look relaxed but to grow out well too,” adds Mills. “A barber experienced in cutting mid-length styles is definitely a prerequisite.”

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Much like longer versions, the cut can be adapted to individual face shapes within reason. However, general lifestyle and job should also be taken into account when picking a new style as ‘seventies shag’ won’t necessarily be welcome in all offices.

If in the clear, make the most of having a standout snip by using the right products. “Apply mousse to towel-dried hair and a sea salt spray to aid drying,” adds Mills. “Then use a matte paste to finish if you like a more lived-in look.”

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Austin Butler

Style: Long Beach Hair

Breakout actor Austin Butler may have hacked his flowing mane down to a more manageable length in recent months, but if the recent round of AW17 shows is anything to go by, he should start growing it back, pronto.

Granted, for Butler, or anyone else, it’s not an easy process: “[Getting to this length can be] a long hair journey, which could take up to a year depending on your starting length,” warns Joe and Co.’s Mills, who describes this style as a classic one-length cut with a square layer through the crown.

“You’ll need to have a good relationship with a hairdresser who understands what your end hair goal is and has good scissor skills,” he adds.

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Who the cut suits is more a case of the hair available than face shape, as layers can be cut to work with the individual. As expected, the style is high-maintenance, so Mills advises investing in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner as a minimum. In addition to that, he recommends arming yourself with a sea salt spray, good hairdryer, set of hairbrushes and a Tangle Teaser.

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