The Premier League of the French fashion game has drawn to a close, with Paris Fashion Week AW17 giving us some of the best looks from the world’s most papped street style stars.

Our photographer, Yu Yang, braved the boulevards outside shows from Paul Smith to Ami and Kenzo so we could show you how to perfect the je ne sais quoi of the front row, wherever you happen to be.

Pop Ya Collar

If you’re a fan of the Harry Hill school of tailoring, your time has arrived – big collars and lapels are in. To avoid actually looking like you’re on your way to record You’ve Been Framed, choose a bold, chunky collar in a neutral shade and wear with pared-back staples. And maybe leave the oversized spectacles to the pros.

Check Please

Checks got a tad lumberjack in previous seasons, but a return to larger, smarter motifs such as windowpane and Price of Wales checks is on the horizon. And judging by the men’s shows this season, next winter will be tartantastic, so stock up now to get ahead of the curve.

Run The Jewels

We all know that black is the easiest way to look stylish without having to try too hard, but it can get a bit boring dressing like Donnie Darko’s emo cousin all year. Take a break from the doom and gloom and add some jewel-hued shades to your wardrobe. Feel free to rack up the gems like a Real Housewife after a divorce settlement.

Layer Cake

Two jackets might seem excessive, but it’s a simple way to add a pop of colour and some style nous to an otherwise unremarkable look. The green shacket (in the ‘it’ shade for 2017) here on its own might be a bit much for colour newbies, so take our man’s lead by throwing a dark jacket over the top to subdue its effect.

Sheep & Shearful

Maybe it’s because it keeps us cosy, or maybe it’s just that it makes us feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but shearling is one trend we’re grateful isn’t going away. Investing in a quality jacket, like the one below, will see you through many seasons to come. Just make sure you partner it with contemporary staples or streetwear pieces to avoid looking like you might actually take off.

Athletic Aesthetic

Yet again an overarching trend at all the fashion weeks so far, sportswear shows no sign of waning on the Seine. To mimic the look, keep athletic items monochrome and muted to lend an otherwise smart outfit an in-the-know edge without having to wear the latest Raf Simons statement.