So, you know the basics of an orderly wardrobe and have invested in the staples, good for you. But how do you keep this new clobber pristine? While the old iron and board smooth out creases, they won’t keep snags, bobbles and a too-big-belt at bay.

In a bid to improve, maintain and streamline your wardrobe, we’ve collated some of the most useful gadgets in the game to keep gear in check.

Bobbing Along

The track jacket may be this season’s most grown up sportswear piece but if it’s bobbled beyond recognition, it’s no better than a bargain bin pullover. Keep any athleisure look in lane by investing in a simple battery-operated gadget that’ll give any garment a bump-free makeover.

Bobble Buster, available at Lakeland, priced £8.99.

Damp Of Approval

Georgian townhouses tend to come with three things: period features, a large mortgage and damp. Lots of damp. Excess moisture in the air can not only make clothes smell, but it can also lead to mould. A dehumidifier drains water away and stops your (hashtag) menswear from becoming (hashtag) musty.

ElectriQ MD280 Compact Dehumidifier, available at Debenhams Plus, priced £34.

Wind-Up Merchant

The cost of a good watch doesn’t end at the till. In addition to regular servicing, an automatic timepiece relies on movement to keep ticking. Therefore it’s only economical to invest in a winder. This contraption moves the watch on a pre-programmed set of rotations, so even after enjoying a day off, it’ll still operate like clockwork.

Time Tutelary Automatic Watch Winder, available at CKB, priced £34.99.

Steam Team

Steamers were once the preserve of the pros, rarely seen outside dry cleaners or photoshoots. Skip to 2017, and as well as handheld models being a home essential, freestanding wonders like the Swash System can take care of washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning at the press of a button.

Swash System, available at Swash, priced around £328.

Sucker Punch

A belt that doesn’t fit is about as much use as an ejector seat in a helicopter. If one-size-fits-all does anything but, don’t use scissors to try fashion an additional hole – reach for a belt puncher instead. This revolving plier prods a precise new setting into your holder-upper, and best of all it won’t compromise the leather.

Revolving Belt Punch Pliers, available at RS, priced £8.92.

Light Work

Invite to the Oscars get lost in the post? Never mind. Recreate the bright lights of Tinseltown at home with some rail LEDs. These illuminate inside the wardrobe, making light work of deciding what to wear on dark mornings morning, plus there’s something undeniably Patrick Bateman about them.

Biard Aluminium PIR Wardrobe Lights, available at Beam LED, priced from £11.99.

Leader Of The Pack

Budget airlines may let us buy flights for less than a round of pints; but when it comes to business travel, suits can quickly suffer terminal creasing. Lucky, then, that Scottish designer Kevin Fox has devised a very clever garment bag with the help of Savile Row tailors that is lab-tested to keep clobber wrinkle free while still meeting stringent luggage restrictions.

Red Eye Carry-On Garment Bag, available at LAT56, priced £199.

Touching Moth

Not technically a gadget, but no less essential. Upgrade the wartime mothballs with a spray instead. Not only does it make mincemeat of moths and larvae, but it’ll also keep other textile destructive beetles at bay and stop you from smelling like your nanna still does your washing.

Anti-Moth Clothes Spray, available at Moth Prevention, priced £9.45.