While we’re regularly subjected to celluloid drivel on the big screen these days (did you see The Angry Birds Movie? Nope, us neither), Hollywood’s canon contains some films that really are cinema’s saving grace.

Sure, we remember the cars of The French Connection. The iconic suits of American Psycho. But so rarely do we remember the wristwear, despite such pieces proving to be legends in themselves. In the world of horology, at least.

And it isn’t just the odd Bond film either. Granted, 007’s slew of Rolex Submariners and Omega Seamasters may have kickstarted the trend way back with Sean Connery, but they’re by no means the most remarkable. That accolade is reserved for other, more interesting big-screen timepieces, like these.

Drive, Custom Patek Philippe

With that scorpion souvenir jacket and Christina Hendrick’s exploding face, it’d be easy to miss Gosling’s custom Patek Philippe. The champagne dial one-off is a perfect balance of 1980s excess and understated minimalism, all mounted on a brown leather strap. Fitting for a film that features stolen elevator kisses one minute, bludgeoned skulls the next.

Men In Black, Hamilton Ventura XXL

First popularised by a young Elvis Presley, Hamilton’s Ventura XXL was remodelled with a more triangular, wider face for Will Smith’s Agent J in Men In Black. The end result was a perfect addition to the eye-wateringly 1990s sci-fi wardrobe, but sadly one that’s about as wearable as a prosthetic alien mask.

Commando, Seiko H558-5009

Perhaps Jenny would never have even made it to the chopper on time if it wasn’t for Seiko’s H558-5009. Arnie, as the sole perpetrator of almost every explosion in cinema, wore the Japanese brand’s signature dive watch in a multitude of films – Commando, Predator and The Running Man – which only proves its versatility.

Aliens, Seiko 7A28-7000

Seiko didn’t stop with The Governator. The brand’s 7A28-7000 was the perfect example of futuristic utility in Ridley Scott’s terrifying Alien franchise. Blocky pushers and a contrast chronograph looked perfectly at home with a Weyland-Yutani boiler suit. The fact it was a man’s watch made no difference to the game-changing Ellen Ripley.

House Of Cards, IWC Portuguese Automatic

In the words of Frank Underwood, timing is everything. And while that may apply more to the brutal takedown of his political adversaries, his wristwear needs to be just as precise. It makes sense, then, that he opted for IWC. The Swiss manufacturer is known for unrivalled complications that cost just short of a presidential salary.

Le Mans, TAG Heuer Monaco

Watches don’t get more iconic than this. Steve McQueen immortalised the blue square dial in his 1971 Le Mans appearance, solidifying TAG Heuer as the racer’s watch of choice. You can still buy your own model today, with the Monaco proving to be one of the brand’s bestselling lines.

Back To The Future, Casio CA53W Twincept Databank

Completely useless in 2016 but nonetheless amazing, Back To The Future’s 8-digit calculator wristwatch summed up everything that was great about the eighties: technologically mediocre, chunky and full of retro charm. It’s enough to make you want to go back to the past.

American Psycho, Rolex Datejust

What do you get when you cross psychosis with Armani suits and tonnes of cash? Everyone’s favourite mass murderer, Patrick Bateman. The investment banker’s appetite for the, ahem, finer things in life makes the Rolex Datejust a perfect match. Sure, it may be one for Wall Street peacocks, but it’s also a landmark watch that still sells today.