We’ve all been there. And if you claim you haven’t then you, sir, are a liar. Friday night turned into Saturday morning, you had too many beers and spilled some of them – along with the contents of your stomach – all over your favourite kicks.

So thank Adidas for releasing a new pair of trainers to deter that very catastrophe.

Well, not the physical act of your body rejecting seven pints of lager, but at least preventing that lager from ruining your prized footwear. The new Adidas Münchens are specially coated to keep spilled drinks and bodily fluids far away from box-fresh leather.

Made to coincide with Oktoberfest (see, it’s not just us Brits who can’t handle our booze), the chocolate brown leather is embellished with Lederhosen-inspired embroidery and gingham lining. All of which will set you back about £159.95 online. Though if this is a weekly occurrence, you’ll save much money in the long run.

Buy Now: £159.95