Snooker lounges are usually very local venues filled with the men called Keith and Jason who want to know exactly where you’re from, who your dad is and, frankly, what the hell you’re doing there. So, colour us surprised that haute lingerie label Agent Provocateur chose such a place to set its latest (and steamiest) video.

Starring former Victoria’s Secret angels Élise Crombez and Magdalena Frackowiak, the AW17 campaign video sees the two square off in a game of strip pool – because that’s a thing now, apparently – to a crowd of understandably excited punters. The video was directed by the renowned photographer and film director Anton Corbijn.

Now, the likelihood of this actually happening is equivalent to Keith and Jason buying you a pint. That doesn’t stop us playing make believe though. See for yourself on the video below, or watch a longer version at Agent Provocateur, whose AW range is dropping with plenty of time before Christmas.