Turns out Dry January is a lot harder than we thought. On December 31st we stocked up on enough dry gin, dry cider and dry wine (not to mention all the stuff to make dry martinis) to see us through the month; only to find out it means no alcohol. As in, not a drop.

Fortunately, some of the UK’s top bartenders and mixologists are on hand at the half way point to help carry us over the finish line with the best booze-free cocktails. After which, the only carrying we’ll need is home from the pub.


Kristian Breivik, group beverage manager at Korean street food and cocktail bar Jinjuu.

50ml Yakult
125ml Galia melon juice
15ml Honey water
6 Blueberries


  • Extract the juice from a whole Galia melon by pressing the fruit through a sieve. Alternatively, put whole fruit in a blender and strain through a sieve
  • Mix equal parts honey and hot water and stir well until fully dissolved
  • Add three blueberries in a mixing glass and muddle
  • Measure and add all remaining ingredients in mixing glass. Add ice and stir or shake for 20 seconds
  • Pour into preferred serving glass and garnish with the three remaining blueberries on a cocktail stick or toothpick

Good for Dry January because: “Galia melon is rich in vitamins C and A. Mixed with honey as a natural sweetener, Yakult and antioxidant-rich blueberries, it’s the perfect drink for detoxing.”


Seedlip Gimlet

Davide Segat, bar manager at The London EDITION’s Punch Room.

40ml Seedlip
15ml Oregat
25ml Grapefruit juice
20ml Lemon juice


  • Measure out the ingredients into a mixing glass
  • Stir together with ice before pouring into a champagne saucer, using a strainer to remove the ice

Good for Dry January because: “Seedlip tastes like a spirit but is alcohol-free.”

The London EDITION Punch Room

Fancy That Too

Brian Silva, bar manager at Balthazar London.

150ml English breakfast tea (cold)
15ml Lime juice
25ml Leach purée
5 Fresh mint leaves


  • Add the mint leaves and lime juice to a mixing glass
  • Muddle to bruise the mint leaves
  • Add crushed ice and the rest of the ingredients
  • Muddle Mojito-style and strain into an iced highball
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint
  • Add 5ml gomme for a sweeter taste

Good for Dry January because: “Well as far as January goes it hasn’t been that dry. February is a better month for that, and it’s a shorter month as well.”

Balthazar London

Red Carpet

Pedro Paulo, bar manager at the One Aldwych hotel’s Lobby Bar in London.

100ml Cranberry juice
30ml Basil syrup
30ml Strawberry purée


  • Take a chilled tall glass and add the basil syrup, a dash of lemon and strawberry purée (for home-made strawberry purée, simply crush 10 fresh strawberries in an electric blender until smooth and sieve to remove seeds)
  • Fill with cranberry juice and add ice cubes until half-full
  • Top with crushed ice and garnish with a basil leaf

Good for Dry January because: “Cranberry is a super-fruit packed full of potent anti-oxidants and Vitamins C – perfect for starting 2017 feeling healthy and energised.”

The Lobby Bar at One Aldwych, London

The Jasper

Jake Henderson, wine specialist at The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall.

Half a lime
15ml Sugar syrup
8 Mint leaves
125ml Grapefruit juice


  • Fill a martini glass with crushed ice
  • Squeeze half a lime into a cocktail shaker
  • Add a dash gomme syrup
  • Clap a handful of mint leaves in your hand to release the oils
  • Add grapefruit juice
  • Stir the ingredients together well and pour
  • Garnish with a mint sprig and a twist of lime

Good for Dry January because: “The grapefruit is zesty and brightens up grey January.”

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall


Alberto Sanna, beverage manager at The Soho Hotel Refuel bar in London

2 Raspberries
1 Strawberries
1 Blackberry
2 Blueberries
200ml Cranberry juice
10ml Gomme syrup
10ml Lemon juice
To garnish – 1 raspberry, 1 strawberry, 1 blackberry


  • Place all the fruit inside the shaker and muddle together
  • Add the cranberry juice, lemon juice and gomme syrup and shake well
  • Pour the contents into a sling glass and cover with crushed ice on top
  • Garnish with a raspberry, strawberry and blackberry through on a cocktail stick

Good for Dry January because: “In winter it’s important to eat the most vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables as these tend to have the most nutritional value.”

Refuel Bar London