In the never-ending circus that is Donald Trump’s White House, Anthony Scaramucci survived a mere 10 days – no mean feat for an administration that changes its staff more than most do their pants. The short-lived communications director didn’t just upset Steve Bannon, either.

The power-dressing Mooch also made a mockery of nine-to-five dress codes. To be fair, there was never anything wrong his suits – much to the contrary, actually – it’s what he chose to put on his face that’s the problem: aviators. Blue-tinted aviators.

You may have felt like a rock star in the Oval Office, Anthony, but international diplomacy is no Iron Maiden concert, and any sort of nod to Tom Cruise should be solely reserved to a Top Gun party. (N.B. you can just tell he loves Top Gun, too.)

Now, we’re not saying you can’t rock your shades en route to work. That’s your free time to wear whatever you please, though we’d argue that a pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers better complement a suit. Turning up to the office, however, and being in a position as prominent as Scaramucci demands a look without desperately clawing at some semblance of cool, especially if you’re north of fifty.

To put it bluntly, sunglasses at work don’t scream “I mean business.” They simply read “I talk bullshit.”