Who: Matt Bomer

Where: The Last Tycoon Premiere Afterparty, Los Angeles

Bomer alert. Once again, the man who made White Collar makes a simple suit look a million dollars. This time, by swapping novelty for a razor-sharp fit with all the right accessories – knitted tie, pale blue shirt and a tonal flex throughout.

Who: John Legend

Where: New York

We’re not sure why John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are standing like choir boys at mass. But there is something great about a monochrome look made memorable with a knitted polo, tucked in for a cleaner edge. Probably the best Sunday best we’ve seen.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: Steve Madden x GQ Party, New York

Only Johannes Huebl can make magazine flicking an art form. Although oh-so-casually loitering and not at all playing up to the photographers, the 39-year-old does demands attention in a standout look – a series of staples married by a neutral palette, with a perfectly-deployed colour pop to the socks.

Who: Corey Cott

Where: The Sinner Premiere, New York

Broadway stars aren’t all jazz hands and sequins. Okay, so they might be pretty jazz hands, but that didn’t stop Bandstand star Corey Cott scoring a high note with a Mayfair-ready look. The grey tones throughout are a solid, safe move, while a faint windowpane check adds depth to what could have been a forgettable look. Your name’ll be in lights, kid.

Who: Algee Smith

Where: Detroit Premiere, Detroit

Cinema’s most promising newcomer Algee Smith also has a wardrobe to match. At the Detroit premiere, the 22-year-old wasn’t content in co-star John Boyega’s shadow, using a statement shirt to lift a staple two-piece and anchoring with a muted navy shade. Somebody get this man a Tom Ford contract.

Who: Wilmer Valderrama

Where: TCA Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles

Wilmer Valderrama is a testament to the phrase ‘slow burn’. Despite humble beginnings on That 70s Show, as his CV developed, so too has his style, ditching period bellbottoms for a blackout look that flatters and fits in all the right places.

Who: Seth Rogen

Where: TCA Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles

No, that isn’t a typo – you are looking at Seth Rogen. Gone are the stained tees, the Annie curls and the stoner checks, leaving a Hollywood look that’s simple but sharp. The olive green jacket is a quiet way to inject colour, best anchored by staples elsewhere for a foolproof look.

Who: Scott Disick

Where: New York City

Everyone’s favourite Kardashian-in-exile has recently been spotted with Kim K, but no amount of camo will hide Scott Disick from the vult- sorry, the paparazzi. By sticking to a base palette of earth colours – as opposed to Siberian oranges, shudder – Kourtney’s former flame can pare down the statement with any wardrobe staple on the hanger.