Who: Donald Glover

Where: Met Gala 2017, NYC

From Childish Gambino to all grown up, Donald Glover cut a mature figure at this year’s Met Gala. The rapper-turned-actor subbed the traditional dinner jacket for a printed counterpart, but he toned down the statement with classic separates elsewhere. How very adult.

Who: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Where: The Wall Premiere, NYC

A bit of Tom Ford must have rubbed off on Aaron Taylor-Johnson while filming Nocturnal Animals because these days the actor is equally as dapper. No Avengers-worthy spandex, no Godzilla army scrubs – just an expertly fitted black suit, sockless loafers and snake motif tie (via Ford’s old gig, Gucci, no less). You’ve taught him well, Tom.

Who: Alexander And Bill Skarsgård

Where: NYC

Brothers-in-arms Alexander and Bill Skarsgård went AWOL with the military threads on a recent trip out in New York, combining boot camp colours with contemporary cuts. Add to that some surefire shades, and the sibling duo are gunning for a medal of honour.

Who: Ryan Reynolds

Where: Time 100 Gala, NYC

For a break from tradition, make like Ryan Reynolds in blue for a black tie event. Mr Deadpool appeared at the Time 100 Gala in a strong stand-in for the usual clobber, letting a deep, modern shade provide a high-impact look worth 100 Time covers and more.

Who: Riz Ahmed

Where: Time 100 Gala, NYC

Most old-school style rules are also old hat. Just take ‘never mix brown and black’, which Riz Ahmed flat-out ignored at the Time 100 Gala. By pairing a monochrome shirt with a light tan suit, the Rogue One star used contrast as the centrepiece of his look with little need for a tie.

Who: Ben Barnes

Where: Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Party, NYC

Seems Prince Caspian has finally succumbed to the White Witch’s spell. At the recent Salvatore Ferragamo bash in New York, actor Ben Barnes nailed a tricky all-white look by swerving excess details or accessories. Throw in a pair of a staple black Oxfords, and it’s clear the Brit boasts one lion of a wardrobe.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: Met Gala 2017, New York

On paper, a maître d’-cum-William Wallace get up sounds like the stuff of nightmares, yet Michael B. Jordan nailed the look at this year’s Met Gala. Though the tartan two-piece is all sorts of statement, a white shirt and bow-tie grounds the outfit with equally simple boots below. Fly Scotsman.

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: Met Gala 2017, New York

Armie Hammer is definitive proof that show-stealing looks needn’t require novelty nor colour. All-black has long been a foolproof formula, but the Free Fire star added depth with a velvet blazer and Warhol-ready roll neck. After all, theatrics are better left to the likes of Katy Perry (whatever that was).

Who: Frank Ocean

Where: Met Gala 2017, New York

Despite reports that Frank Ocean hot-footed the red carpet, his minimalist look at this year’s Met Gala has held steady. The Blonde hitmaker deconstructed the dress code to its basic level – a shirt and trousers – with simple embroidery and a brooch adding a camera-commanding flash. No need to be shy, Frankie.

Who: Chris Pine

Where: New York

He may be fresh from the Wonder Woman set, but Chris Pine trumps any scantily-clad Amazonian. The California native played it safe using wardrobe staples in tandem, yet added some much-needed texture with a fail-safe denim jacket and a body-flattering slim fit. Our hero.