Who: John Legend

Where: DirecTV Super Saturday Night Concert, Texas

No new album in sight but at least another standout look from Mr Chrissy Teigen. Legend plays it stylishly safe in an all-black look, but adds a dark tonal camouflage print for a memorable high note. Forget the studio John, you’re already a hit maker in our eyes.

Who: Jon Hamm

Where: 6th Annual NFL Honours, Texas

Jon goes ‘Ham’ on tailoring once again at the NFL’s annual awards ceremony. The man formerly known as Don Draper can fill out a two-piece like no other, and uses classic colours and accessories to standout results. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

Who: Ryan Gosling

Where: Outstanding Performers of the Year Awards, California

Add two parts Savile Row to one part Gomez Addams and you’ve got one of Gosling’s best looks of 2017 thus far. And it’s all thanks to the pinstripes which add texture and elongate his frame. Frighteningly good.

Who: A$AP Rocky

Where: New York Fashion Week

Most people on the front row would opt for camera-safe tailoring, but not A$AP. Doing the complete opposite (as usual), the rapper pairs a multi-coloured fur jacket with a retro sports top and wide-leg trousers at the Raf Simons show. You do you, Rocky.

Who: James Corden

Where: New York

From chips on Barry Island to styling it out on New York street corners, James Corden has come a very long way indeed. So too has his wardrobe; gone are the baggy polo shirts, replaced by an embroidered Gucci bomber jacket that sits well with dark jeans and sneakers below. Rags to riches, and then some.

Who: Common

Where: 6th Annual NFL Honors, Texas

If you ever need a masterclass in dressing down a suit, this is it. Common, the rapper-turned-TV-personality-turned-casual-suit-guru, combines expert fit with two of the most essential of wardrobe staples: the white T-shirt and minimalist sneaker. Simply does it.

Who: David Oyelowo

Where: A United Kingdom World Premiere, New York

National pride may be in short supply, but David Oyelowo attended the world premiere of A United Kingdom with a unified look. His combination of a burgundy three-piece, tie and even velvet slippers is nothing short of the best of British.

Who: Dev Patel

Where: The Hollywood Reporter 5th Annual Nominees Night, California

No, not your cool art teacher from high school, but Dev celebrating his Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in Lion. His bohemian look is bolstered with a chambray grandad collar shirt, while a tailored overcoat polishes his act up. And the winner is…

Who: Victor Cruz

Where: 13th Annual ESPN The Party, Texas

Double denim where both pieces are this close in shade is usually saved for Eurovision entrants. However, somehow Victor Cruz manages to make his distressed stonewash two-piece wearable by flanking it with neutrals elsewhere.