Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: 2017 Audi Polo Challenge, Ascot

Danish Girl one minute, British gent the next, Eddie Redmayne is certainly a chameleon when it comes to getting dressed. The actor opted for an ode to separates at the Audi Polo Challenge, pairing a textured double-breasted jacket with blue trousers and smart-casual sneakers below.

Who: Victor Cruz

Where: 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, LA

You don’t need a team to score a touchdown. New England Patriot-turned-free agent Victor Cruz went on the offence at this year’s MTV Movie & TV awards, flanking a statement floral suit with a simple T-shirt and minimalist sneakers to go the whole ten yards and beyond.

Who: David And Brooklyn Beckham

Where: King Arthur Premiere, London

David Beckham appeared to be preparing his prince for the throne at the London premiere of King Arthur (in which Becks makes a slightly cringe cameo). The defender of the realm of all that is cool cut a noble figure in a tweed two-piece, with his equally stylish heir apparent opting for classic slacks with wardrobe staples elsewhere.

Who: Brad Pitt

Where: LA

Brad’s back. Though this time, he’s more Fight Club than Seven Years In Tibet midlife crisis. While on the culture trail leaving an LA art studio, Tyler Durden came out swinging in rough-and-ready denim with a fail-safe white T-shirt up top. Throw in a pair of punchy Chelsea boots, and we’re in for one knockout comeback.

Who: Liam Hemsworth

Where: Malibu

Thankfully, Liam Hemsworth ditched The Hunger Games’ scrubs for a more casual get-up while lunching in Malibu. A relaxed T-shirt is a win-win for anyone blessed with a stockier frame; add to that a pair of slim-fit jeans (note: we said slim, not suffocating), and the odds are forever in his favour.

Who: Michael Fassbender

Where: Alien: Covenant Screening, Madrid

Despite a shaky back catalogue of looks, Michael Fassbender steered a steady and stylish (space)ship at the screening of his latest flick. The Alien: Covenant star used a choice knitted polo to balance out smart trousers below, all tied together in various shades of blue for an ageless Mr Ripley vibe.

Who: Milo Ventimiglia

Where: City Year Spring Break Party, LA

It’s been almost eight years since Heroes was on our screens but Peter Petrelli aka Milo Ventimiglia is no less one in our eyes when it comes to his wardrobe. At a recent event in LA the actor made double denim look easy, while also tapping an on-trend green knit to break it up.

Who: Matt Smith

Where: 2017 Audi Polo Challenge, Ascot

Doctor Who’s costume department leaves a lot to be desired, but luckily former Time Lord Matt Smith controls a sharper wardrobe off-screen. The actor attended the 2017 Audi Polo Challenge in threads that’ll age far better than any Dalek, with a double-breasted jacket and a faint chalk stripe bulking and elongating in all the right places.

Who: Luke Evans

Where: 2017 Audi Polo Challenge, Ascot

When you’re rumoured to be on the Bond shortlist, every public appearance is an open audition – something Luke Evans knows all too well. The State Like Sleep star went 00 heaven at the Audi Polo Challenge, donning a foolproof check suit and open-necked shirt for added badass attitude. Consider us shaken, and very stirred.

Who: Trevor Noah

Where: 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, LA

Trevor Noah: president of political satire, and apparently just as sharp off-duty. At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, The Daily Show host swapped Capitol Hill threads for casual black-and-blues, taking the peak lapel jacket down a peg with a tonal knit and sneakers. He’s got our vote.

Who: Ansel Elgort

Where: 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, LA

We’re struggling to find fault with this star. At the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Ansel Elgort built hype for Baby Driver in a sleek all-black look finished with red and white racing stripes. A clean getaway if ever we did see one.