Who: Robert Pattinson

Where: London

Hear that? Those are the tears of a million teenage vampire fans as Twilight goes fight night. No floppy haircuts, no naff peacoats – just a rugged leather jacket for Robert Pattinson that tops a strong monochrome outfit and a buzz cut up-top.

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: Call Me By Your Name Screening, East Hampton

Feels like it’s Hammer time every week at the moment, with Armie regularly making our best-dressed list. In this instance, it’s more smart-casual sweet spot than nineties eyesore. At a screening of his latest flick, the actor successfully dressed down the lounge suit – no mean feat – by switching a shirt for a polo and lace-ups for minimalist kicks.

Who: Jeff Bridges

Where: Only The Brave Premiere, LA

Life begins at 60. Or at least style does, if Jeff Bridges is anything to go by. On the campaign trail for his firefighter epic Only The Brave, the 67-year-old lifted a fail-safe (some might say boring) blue three-piece with one thing: expert grooming. The beard is a happy mid-point between stubble and Gandalf, while the slick back bolsters a red carpet look, and betrays the age on his pension book.

Who: Jeremy Meeks

Where: LAX Airport, LA

Now, the digital adulation of a convicted felon is problematic at best, but Jeremy Meeks receives a semi-pardon for his wardrobe. The model – who got his break thanks to a police mugshot –
dropped by LAX Airport in a head-to-toe monochrome look made memorable by a Gucci logo hoodie (which we’re pretty sure wasn’t stolen from the back of a lorry, either).

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, LA

Actor Chadwick Boseman swapped the Black Panther garms for a more playful print for his appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live. By countering a vibrant graffiti-inspired overshirt with darker colours elsewhere, the 40-year-old makes a statement without screaming – and one that’s made all the better by some much-needed texture.

Who: Tom Hiddleston

Where: Thor: Ragnarok Premiere, London

Loki’s back on screen, and the character’s organised chaos has hit the real world too. Tom Hiddleston’s latest look is a big pivot away from the simple, refined two-pieces we’re used to. Instead of blue or grey, there’s a dense red-tinged check, and it’s taken a step further thanks to a striped tie and lighter blue shirt. Thank the Gods (and a very good stylist).

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: London

Where we’d once give the V-sign to V-necks, we now call for peace – but only if they follow Oliver Cheshire’s example. Instead of a Jersey Shore plunge, the M&S frontman treated us to a layered take, sliding a denim shirt below a shallow V-necked, wool jumper. Which means texture on all fronts, and a V-neck that actually looks great.