Who: Daniel Kaluuya

Where: British Independent Film Awards, London

Sleeper hit Get Out catapulted Daniel Kaluuya into the limelight, and luckily enough, he suits it. A roll neck slotted below a two-piece is a foolproof method to relax tailoring, and the merlot colour palette serves to complement darker skin tones.

Who: Hugh Jackman

Where: New York

A mash-up of ‘Wolverine’ and ‘PE teacher’ doesn’t scream stylish. But Hugh Jackman channelled it nicely during a recent NYC trip, using a long-sleeved polo to flatter his superhero physique. Factor in well-polished brogues that chime with the overall palette, and here’s a man dressed for the job he wants as opposed to the ones he’s had.

Who: Adam Driver

Where: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Premiere, London

The dark side gets a bad rep. But it’s cooler, boasts better one-liners and – if Adam Driver is anything to go by – better-dressed too. At the London premiere of the latest tale from a galaxy far, far away, Kylo Ren espoused the benefits of Vader-style all black, using silk lapels and a tie to add depth. The force is strong (like, really strong).

Who: Eric Rutherford

Where: Rimowa x Alexandre Arnault Pop-Up event, LA

If Alexandre Arnault – the son of luxury group LVHM’s chairman – throws the finest fashion parties in the biz, consider Eric Rutherford the perfect party guest. The professional turner-upper took an assortment of wardrobe staples, all elevated by above-average finer details, to make for the sharpest of RSVPs. Note the gradient brogues, grandad collar and pleated chinos in particular.

Who: Garrett Neff

Where: Phantom Thread Premiere, NYC

Model Garrett Neff has been enjoying back-to-back campaigns for years. Can’t think why. But it turns out Neff’s wardrobe is as strong as his DNA, focusing on fit for a razor-sharp tuxedo, as opposed to unnecessary gimmicks or novelty. An easy move to replicate (the killer cheekbones, less so).

Who: Oscar Isaac

Where: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photocall, London

If Star Wars fever is making you want to leave this galaxy forever, know that some appearances are better-packaged than the Rebel Alliance branded baked beans at your local supermarket – Oscar Isaac being one of them. At a recent photocall, Poe Dameron dressed down a navy two-piece with a black T-shirt, but that choice pocket square keeps him from scruffy-looking nerf-herder territory.

Who: John Boyega

Where: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photocall, London

In Star Wars, he started out as just another storm trooper but John Boyega is anything but standard issue in a galaxy closer to home. The consistent tan colour palette ties his look together, while a mottled wool jacket gives him extra star power. That’s the last Star Wars appearance, by the way. Promise.

Who: Joe Jonas

Where: Los Angeles

Sure, the majority of the northern hemisphere is fighting off the cold, man-flu and dry skin all tat once. But in Tinseltown, Joe Jonas took advantage of the winter sun in a printed Cuban-collared shirt – set to still be a trend next summer – with a large multicoloured tote for added vibrancy. Maybe add a down coat and several layers to that if you’re not strolling around Hollywood.