Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Aston Martin x Hogan Show, London

Oliver Cheshire must be exhausted. If he isn’t pride of place on every front row at Fashion Week, he’s smashing the all-important go-between shot. This time, he was papped in a wearable take on pastel tones, grounding light blue with equally muted pieces elsewhere. Have a day off, mate.

Who: Jim Chapman

Where: Aston Martin x Hogan Show, London

Social media megabrand Jim Chapman can whip up a look just as tasty as any YouTube Oreo cake. Mixing two shades of blue for a tonal treat, the vlogger served up classic tailoring, the minimal kicks served as icing on the cake.

Who: Toby Huntington-Whiteley

Where: Aston Martin x Hogan Show, London

Just as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley prepares for motherhood, it seems her younger brother is readying for the spotlight. At the Aston Martin x Hogan London Fashion Week Men’s show, the 26-year-old model went classic in a two-piece, but added depth with a choice windowpane check throughout.

Who: David Beckham

Where: Kent & Curwen Show, London

David Beckham: definitive proof that civvies can trump trends (and that sarongs can be forgiven). During a much-hyped appearance at the Kent & Curwen Show, Beckham left quirk to the bloggers with a look as simple as it is solid: loose tailored trousers for some structure, paired with an equally laid-back t-shirt and cardigan.

Who: David Oyelowo

Where: 71st Tony Awards, New York

Despite bumping shoulders with Broadway’s biggest jazz-handers, actor David Oyelowo still stormed the stage at the Tony Awards in classic black tie. Except it wasn’t black at all, but charcoal – an alternative to the norm that still respects the dress code. Those embroidered dancing shoe deserve an encore of their own, too.

Who: Issac Carew

Where: One For The Boys Ball, London

As if model-turned-chef Isaac Carew wasn’t blessed enough, it turns out he’s a dab hand at nailing the trickiest trend in the book. The 31-year-old opted for a difficult all-white look, yet paired back on the trimmings – no shirt, no socks and no pocket square – to swerve P Diddy territory with ease.

Who: Presley Gerber

Where: Burberry London Fashion Week Men’s Breakfast, London

As the son of supermodel and decades-long crush Cindy Crawford (no MILF jokes, please), Presley Gerber seems to have inherited the fashion gene. Here’s the evidence: he makes a clash of prints wearable with flattering fits and foolproof monochromes below. Family values and all that.

Who: Danny Jones

Where: Aston Martin x Hogan Show, London

If the mere mention of McFly triggers Vietnam-like flashbacks of emo fringes and surfer beads, fear not – former band member Danny Jones has cleaned up his act. We’d argue that he could have fastened an extra button, but his printed Cuban collared shirt lifts an otherwise safe look – the 31-year-old turning heads without the need of five colours in his hair (thank God).