Who: Zachary Quinto

Where: 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival

Fresh on the campaign trail for his latest indie flick Aardvark, Zachary Quinto went alternative on the threads too, switching out a red carpet two-piece for an on-trend Cuban collar, easy-to-wear polka dots and black denims to ground the print.

Who: Blair Underwood

Where: GQ Fashion Week Party, Milan

Proving that you can do stripes on stripes without looking like Beetlejuice, primetime regular Underwood stood out in this double-breasted two-piece. Why does it work? Different weights in the stripes, with the heavier ones underneath and the stuffiness of the pinstripe is offset with that open collar.

Who: David Beckham

Where: Biotherm Homme Presentation, Madrid

Well colour us surprised: Beckham smashed it again, this time in a tweed two-piece smart enough for the countryside and chic enough for Milan. Accessories hot from the estate – navy tie, striped shirt and a handsome pair of formal shoes – complete the look.

Who: Matt Bomer

Where: 57th Monte Carlo Television Festival

Seems the star of White Collar does black tie better than any nine-to-five office threads. While plugging his latest film on the red carpet, Bomer switched monochrome for navy, resulting in a standout look that still adheres to the dress code. Someone’s due a promotion.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: LAX Airport

Even the most suffocating of heatwaves can’t keep Nick Jonas from his coach jacket. On his way to LAX (and presumably cooler climes), the Texan opted for a staple, on-trend piece to inject colour into an otherwise safe look. And probably to cover the sweat patches, too.

Who: Pierson Fodé

Where: 57th Monte Carlo Television Festival

Pierson Fodé is about as Parisian as a beef burger in Bracknell, but the fancy ‘é’ – and some au français threads – would say otherwise. The Breton stripe has long been a menswear go-to, but by pairing with white shorts and loafers, the 25-year-old actor went full riviera in a look as luxe as it is classic.

Who: Wilmer Valderrama

Where: NCIS: New Orleans Photocall, Monaco

Disney knew it was onto something when they cast Wilmer Valderrama in the lead role of Charming – it seems the magic translates off-screen. At an NCIS: New Orleans photocall in Monaco, the Florida native lived happily ever after by clashing rugged denims with a crisp white shirt and a choice double-breasted blazer.

Who: Charlie Hunnam

Where: Los Angeles

Nice to see the scathing King Arthur reviews aren’t getting Charlie Hunnam down. While out and about in LA, the 37-year-old went for breezy summertime staples: light jeans, white tee with coordinated sneakers. Can’t fail.

Who: Jon Kortajarena

Where: DSquared2 Show, Milan

Unless you’ve got the Kardashian family surgeon to hand, Jon Kortajarena’s cheekbones are out-of-reach. His style, however, is much easier (and cheaper) to emulate. At the recent DSquared2 show in Milan, the Spanish model jazzed up the classic tux with a printed dinner jacket, relaxing the look further without a tie. All killer, definitely no filler.

Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: Los Angeles

Cue the Jurassic Park theme for Jeff Goldblum’s timeless look. While slacks and a polo shirt remain age-appropriate, a coated denim jacket modernised the look, bringing what could have been a fossilised outfit back from extinction.