Chris Pine

Where: Good Morning America, NYC

Despite coming from a long line of actors, Chris has still managed to find a place beyond the Pines. The Wonder Woman star opted for a lightweight suit during an appearance on Good Morning America, with a simple knit and sockless loafers relaxing the look further. Family values and all that.

Jamie Foxx

Where: In Conversation With Michael Strahan, NYC

After an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and (drum roll) an MTV nomination for Best Ringtone, it’s fair to say Jamie Foxx has earned his stripes. Good to see he’s now wearing them, too, using a black and white sweatshirt to add bulk up top, while keeping the sportswear vibe going with sneakers below.

Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart

Where: Billboard Music Awards 2017, Las Vegas

If there’s no smoke without fire, consider The Chainsmokers’ appearance at the 2017 Billboard Awards an all-out inferno. Andrew Taggart (the singing one) joined the boys in blue with a military-inspired jacket and almost tonal trousers. Meanwhile, Alex Pall (the keyboarding one), took to the battlefield with a statement camouflage jacket tempered by monochrome basics elsewhere.

John Legend

Where: Billboard Music Awards 2017, Las Vegas

Since John Legend’s back catalogue is more wedding reception than rock star, it makes sense to turn up the volume when it comes to getting dressed. At the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas, the hitmaker boxed in a double-breasted two-piece, letting a windowpane check take centre stage with little need for a tie.

Jussie Smollett

Where: Billboard Music Awards 2017, Las Vegas

Jussie Smollett is no household name. Though, judging by his Billboard Music Awards getup, that could all be about to change. The Empire actor went blue-on-blue-on-blue (how many shades are there in this outfit?), but still managed to tie together one helluva look. Watch this space.

Kevin Hart

Where: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, LA

Kevin Hart’s latest film may be all about pants, but his outfit at the premiere was anything but. By prioritising classic pieces and flattering fits, Hart managed to pull off a tonal look sans-colour. Tighty whiteys never looked so good.


Where: Sugar Factory American Brasserie, Las Vegas

At a restaurant bash in Vegas, everyone’s favourite lovesick crooner cashed in on a potentially risky look, diluting a bold checked shirt with foolproof denim below. Throw in a chain for some hotline bling, and it’s a royal flush.

Zac Efron

Where: Bondi Beach, Sydney

No remake can ever dull the shine of Pam-Am, yet Zac Efron still makes for a fine stand-in. During a recent visit to the Australian coastguard (method actor – who knew?), the Baywatch star opted for a rugged chinos and denim jacket combination. Fits much better than a bright red swimsuit, anyway.

Matt Bomer

Where: Hollygrove’s Norma Jean Gala 2017, LA

If feeling a little inadequate, scroll on: Matt Bomer is not your friend. At the Norma Jean Gala in Los Angeles, the White Collar star headed for promotion in a razor-sharp suit, proving that faultless fits speak far louder than any red carpet novelty. Sigh.

Scott Disick

Where: Beverly Hills, LA

Whether waging war with Kris Jenner or simply filling up the tank, there’s always one constant in Scott Disick’s life: his quietly cool wardrobe. On-trend pink can be a tricky shade, but Kourtney’s ex-BAE resolved any colour conflict by pairing it with everyday pieces including light wash denim. Killer look indeed.