Who: Lewis Hamilton

Where: InStyle Awards, Los Angeles

Yes, that is Lewis Hamilton, but in the absence of leather trousers and ripped denim, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. In lieu of his usual Eurovision style, the Formula 1 champion cut a cooler figure with a graphic tee cleverly dialled down by a layered shirt. Throw in a pair of checked trousers for texture, and Hamilton is back in the fast lane.

Who: Future

Where: O2 Arena, London

Like most rappers, Future has enjoyed peaks and troughs in personal style. Though for every rodeo B. A. Baracus-esque outfit, there’s a corker like this. The 33-year-old paired a fluoro orange jacket with a pair of checked trousers and a band tee. All of which may sound like an almighty mess. But by countering brights with dark, there’s cold hard proof that a print clash can work.

Who: Andrea Pirlo

Where: New York

As quite possibly the best-dressed footballer that ever lived (hear that, Mr Beckham?), Andrea Pirlo topped the league once again this week. This time, a classic long-sleeved polo is an easy way to introduce colour, and one that strikes a hat-trick with earth tones in the rest of his outfit. Sure, the jumper around the waist is a move best reserved for dads and lads, but as usual, Pirlo pulls it off with panache.

Who: Liam Payne

Where: BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards Show, London

Post-Direction life has thrown Liam Payne into fatherhood, and with it, a sharper wardrobe. Baby Bear’s papa dropped his latest tune in a multicoloured racing-style jacket, grounding the big statement with a classic, neutral base: white tee, monochrome jeans and kicks, and a quiet glint from a thin gold chain. Daddy cool.

Who: Miles Teller

Where: Thank You For Your Service Screening, LA

Miles Teller is becoming something of a dab hand with red carpet tailoring. Traditionally favouring suits in bolder shades and checks, the Whiplash proves here that he does classic just as well, elevating a fail-safe navy two-piece with a floral tie and expertly deployed pocket square.

Who: David Gandy

Where: ‘Style For Soldiers’ Event, London

You’d be hard-stretched to mimic the Adonis cheekbones and physique, but at least David Gandy’s style is easily replicated. By trumping trends with a classic three-piece, the D&G frontman let his glove-like fit and simple texture take centre stage. All you need is a tailor. And probably a gym membership.

Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: This Morning Studios, London

Daytime TV is an exercise in predictability: bizarre segments on the supernatural, hats for your pets and so on and so forth. However, Jeff Goldblum packed a surprise in more ways than one on This Morning. The 65-year-old (yes, you read that correctly) flexed a strong tonal look, contrasting a duo of light blues above with smart dark trousers and bold loafers below.

Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: London

The British boy turned Danish girl now has his sights set stateside. During dinner with the missus, Eddie Redmayne made his look date night-appropriate with a varsity letterman jacket, using a single bold colour – red – to provide just enough volume, without looking like an extra from Grease.