Who: Oscar Isaac

Where: The Promise Screening, NYC

In a galaxy really not so far away, Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac ditched the Rebel Alliance threads for the dark side at a screening of his latest flick, The Promise. On paper, the petrol blue two-piece is hardly Starfighter material, yet depth is added thanks to a subtle check and all the right accessories.

Who: Ryan Reynolds

Where: NYC

Like all of us non-superheroes, Ryan Reynold’s stylist needs a day off too. And, luckily enough, the Deadpool star is just as well-dressed when the out-of-office reply is on. While enjoying a day out of the studio, the Canadian actor’s off-duty look swerves monotony by flashing several subtle colours throughout largely neutral shades. Someone may well be out of a job come Monday.

Who: Channing Tatum

Where: Magic Mike Live Opening Night, Las Vegas

The opening night of Magic Mike Live may have been the perfect excuse for Channing Tatum to pick up (and suitably take off) the velcro pants once more. However, he pulled off a scorcher fully clothed in a red three-piece with a choice tie uniting the overall palette. We’ll take that over a lap dance any day.

Who: Nick Hendrix

Where: British Academy Television Craft Awards, London

Nick Hendrix of Midsomer Murders fame isn’t yet a household name, though we’ve a feeling that’s about to change. On the red carpet of the British Academy Television Craft Awards, the on-screen DS nailed the casual tailoring trend, anchoring a statement print shirt with a navy two-piece and classic monk-strap shoes. Watch this space.

Who: Common

Where: Tribeca Film Festival 2017, NYC

Seems one of hip-hop’s leading monarchs is now a bona fide prints charming. Common – undisputed Chicago rap royalty – used a chevron-detailed bomber jacket to lift monochrome to memorable while attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Your majesty, indeed.

Who: Future

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show, LA

In a look much safer than his lyrical content (just listen to ‘Mask Off’, headphones depending), Future went straight to the top of the style charts during a recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The camo jacket packs a statement without the need for a parental guidance sticker, while a simple white tee and ripped jeans soften the blow further.

Who: Zayn Malik

Where: NYC

Whether intentional or coincidence, Zayn and Gigi (Zigi?) regularly do battle for the ‘best dressed’ title. In this latest round, it was the latter that clinched the point while out and about in New York. By layering a classic Champion sweater underneath a slouchy leather jacket, the ‘Still Got Time’ crooner seamlessly merges sportswear and wardrobe classics for a surefire smash hit. One-nil, Malik.

Who: Milo Ventimiglia

Where: Devil’s Gate Premiere, NYC

There are some chapters of Milo Ventimiglia’s career we’d rather forget (remember Fergie’s ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ video?), but it seems the This Is Us star is atoning for his former sins. His simple jeans and boots are as wearable as they are classic, while a striped sweater adds visual bulk and some much-needed texture up-top. Amen to that.