Who: Dave Franco

Where: Comic Con 2017, San Diego

Dave Franco is quickly becoming our favourite of the Franco clan, not least for looks like this. All-navy is a move that’s as crisp as it is wearable, while a knitted polo with simple stripe detailing delivers some much-needed texture. Oh, and there’s Justin Theroux in a biker jacket. Again.

Who: Ryan Gosling

Where: Comic Con 2017, San Diego

You’d be mistaken for thinking that Gosling can wear whatever he likes. Hollywood’s most desirable mug has to follow rules like the rest of us, and this time, the style laws he’s abiding by cover the denim jacket. Not only does the wash chime with the trousers, it complements a North American-inspired knit for a foolproof look.

Who: Robert Pattinson

Where: New York

Quilted jackets are in no way the sole preserve of fox hunters, or so says Robert Pattinson. By repurposing the gun-toters go-to in bomber form, the piece sits comfortably atop a series of staples for a winning clash of classic and contemporary.

Who: Pedro Pascal

Where: Comic Con 2017, San Diego

Pedro Pascal, set to appear in the highly-anticipated and highly-stylish Kingsman sequel, has big shoes to fill. But the 42-year-old does so with aplomb. A Breton stripe with an unstructured blazer has long been a favoured menswear combo, while sockless monk-straps make for a solid anchor below. Golden Circle stuff if we ever did see it.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: LAX Airport

For whatever reason, nu metal threads are en vogue. So, make like Nick Jonas and tone down the divisive trend with a minimalist touch. By limiting it to a simple font on his hoody, the younger Jonas brother makes a modern whisper to early noughties style.

Who: John Boyega

Where: Detroit Premiere, Detroit

Red carpets have long been a sartorial quagmire – make a statement and fall prey to paparazzi, play it safe and risk monotony. Thankfully, neither is the case for John Boyega. The Star Wars actor lifts a uniform ‘fit with a microcheck jacket and tie, pulling the look from swampy to Savile Row.

Who: Diggy Simmons

Where: Comic Con 2017, San Diego

Despite the RUN DMC bloodline, Diggy Simmons has ditched the hoodies in favour of a far sharper look. The XXL freshman went all-white at this year’s Comic Con, but toned down the Marbella vibes with a muted floral print and a flattering fit throughout. Anything but tricky.

Who: Dane DeHaan

Where: Valerian Premiere, London

Regrettably, Valerian is tanking at the box office, but Dane DeHaan’s premiere look is out of this world. The statement shirt is steered into safe space with a razor-sharp double-breasted suit, resulting in a look that’ll save the day time and time again.

Who: Common

Where: New York

No, not Rupert from the golf club, but rap legend Common rocking a look that’s more Cotswolds than Compton. A fitted polo is a flattering choice for bulkier frames (and accentuates driving range arms), made all the better by smart chinos below. Factor in the suede brogues, and Common’s scored a hole in one.

Who: Paul Bettany

Where: AOL Build Speaker Series, New York

For whatever reason, Paul Bettany has flown under the radar in recent years, and it seems we’ve underestimated his wardrobe skill, too. Olive green is a safe way to lift monochrome looks, especially if you’re averse to bright colours, while the varying depths of grey offer award-worthy depth to an outfit.