Sandqvist x Vélosophy Backpack

Not content with whacking you in the face with their great, hulking backpacks, some commuters go one step further by lugging all their essentials around in a grotty gym bag. Do your bit for everyone on the way into work by minding your space and strapping up with this slick Sandqvist X Vélosophy backpack, which can also be carried like a briefcase or shoulder bag when slipping through the crowds.

Buy Now: £269.00

Ted Baker Roy Jacket

When it comes to style (or, in fact, anything in life), we’re not averse to a shortcut or two. Ted Baker’s ingenious new navy Roy jacket comes equipped with a zip-up funnel attachment, so you can boss winter layering without really thinking about it.

Buy Now: £181.30

Logan Denim B3 Jacket

Shearling jackets are great and all, but now everyone and their nan has one. Luckily for those that like to stand out, Drifter has given the classic shearling aviator a twist by rendering it in denim – the result being straight-up menswear fire.

Buy Now: $245.00

Reiss Black Oudh Eau De Parfum

If you’re still wearing light and fresh summery scents that remind you of holiday, it’s time to cross over to the dark side. Reiss’ Black Oudh fuses the intensity of its title component with aromatic top notes and deep heart notes for a complex and alluring fragrance that’s got party season written all over it.

Buy Now: £55.00

Braun Series 5 5140s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

If you thought your digitally adjustable shaving length setting was nifty, then get a load of Braun’s new Series 5 5140s Electric Foil Shaver, which (along with the usual bells and whistles you’d expect from a wet and dry shaver) can detect the density of your beard and cut accordingly. Smart grooming just got even smarter.

Buy Now: £70.00

Acne Studios Ontario Camel Melange Scarf

Über-cool Scandi brand Acne Studios has just released a new collection of oversized scarves that are ideal for swaddling up in this winter. Our pick is this camel version, which will look great set against your grey wool overcoat or trusty denim jacket.

Buy Now: £170.00

Nivea Men Protect & Care Intensive Moisturising Cream

First launched in 1980, Nivea Men’s Protect & Care moisturising cream has been keeping guys’ skin feeling baby soft for decades. But even the classics need a touch-up now and again, which is why this bathroom cabinet favourite has been reformulated with aloe vera and pro vitamin B5.

Buy Now: £3.20

Burton Navy Brecon Puffer Jacket

Forget that bad phase in the nineties, the puffer jacket is trending again thanks to a stylish makeover and much more positive PR. Not ones to miss a trick when it comes to menswear movements, Burton has put out its own seriously padded version. It’s got ski chic nailed and thankfully you don’t need to be a jet-setting euro playboy to get in on this slope-ready style.

Buy Now: £49.00

VIU Glasses

Not got 20/20 eyesight? Consider it a blessing. Now you can to rock this pair of seriously stylish specs from Viu. One-part fashion, one-part intellectual, they’ll turn you into the full package in no time.

Buy Now: £165.00

Neighborhood x Stance Socks The Filth And The Fury

Christmas is coming, so you better be prepared for an onslaught of socks. If you thought you didn’t need any more feet warmers in your life, then take a look at this pair from Neighbourhood x Stance, which are infinitely cooler than anything your mum can come up with – no offence.

Buy Now: £15.00

Topman Burgundy Cable Knit Jumper

Ironically, we’ve gone blue in the face from urging men not to let their cold-weather wardrobes descend into monochrome blandness. For the colour dodgers among you, Topman’s burgundy cable knit jumper provides a foolproof way to rock a seasonally-appropriate hue this winter.

Buy Now: £20.00

River Island Grey Abstract Print Shirt

There’s no middle ground with printed shirts, they’re either straight from the school of Austin Powers awfulness or patterned to perfection. Unsurprisingly, River Island’s take falls into the latter camp and is just the thing to amp-up your look if you’re going ‘out’ out.

Buy Now: £28.00

Champion Hoodie

Forget being pared-back and tasteful, right now menswear’s having none of it. Champion’s grey hoodie ticks off two trends at once (logos and athleisure) and makes the whole thing look damn near effortless. Hello triple threat.

Buy Now: £41.99

BoohooMan Raw Indigo Jeans

Unless you’re a denimhead, chances are you only need one or two solid pairs of jeans that you can pull on at a moment’s notice and look good every time. That’s exactly what BoohooMan’s raw jeans offer, with the solid indigo wash complementing everything in your existing wardrobe.

Buy Now: £13.20

David Gandy For Autograph Textured Dressing Gown

M&S may well be your grandad’s go-to for nightwear, but thanks to the David Gandy for Autograph loungewear collection there’s lots for you to love too. The supermodel’s textured dressing gown wouldn’t look out of place in a luxury hotel and will disguise the fact your torso is significantly less solid than the man behind the design.

Buy Now: £49.50

Dr. Martens Eldritch Boots

The Dr. Martens classic 8-eyelet boot is an iconic piece of footwear that’s been adopted by nearly every style subset you can think of. So how do you improve on perfection? Craft it from smooth Orleans leather, increase the eyelets and call it the Eldritch boot, that’s how.

Buy Now: £95.00

Kaws x Peanuts Short Sleeve T-Shirt

What do you get when you cross contemporary artist Kaws with characters from the Peanuts cartoon and an affordable Japanese retailer? You get this fun black T-shirt, which offers high style and low wallet drain. You could call it Peanuts for peanuts.

Buy Now: £14.90

Native Youth Solomon Knitted Sweatshirt

Real men wear pink. And this easy-to-wear pastel knit from Native Youth is the ideal piece for those men looking to branch out from the safety of navy and black.

Buy Now: £27.00

Umbro Crepe City Away Jersey

The world of eighties football was bursting with fashion fails (if you’re reading, Kevin Keegan, what was up with that barnet?). There are, however, some things to get all misty-eyed and nostalgic about, which is why we’re loving this retro Crepe City x Umbro jersey top. Back of the net. Or rather the wardrobe.

Buy Now: £50.00

Canada Goose Ranger Toque Beanie Hat

Canada Goose produces some of the best cold-weather gear you can buy, and its accessories line is no exception. This classic cuffed beanie is made from temperature-regulating merino wool, ensuring superior softness and warmth. A winter essential.

Buy Now: £75.00