Millennials are supposedly the most time-strapped generation yet. However, it’s not that we’re actually any busier. We’re just choosing to spend our time differently; be it overworking, overdrinking or overthinking.

Fortunately, the dawn of the internet has made light work of previously time-taxing tasks: ironing courier services, sock deliveries, clothing subscription boxes, the lot – all now available at the click of a button.


These days, one fragrance from cradle to grave isn’t enough. Scentbird is the ultimate way to get your nostrils around something new. The service sends you a new tester-sized cologne each month (way cheaper than buying a full bottle), and continues the rotation until you find your new signature scent.


When it comes to Internet shopping, the sheer amount of choice can be a problem in itself – who wants to filter through 63 pages of white T-shirts? Nobody, especially not the people at Thread. The online styling service asks users to complete a quick, four-minute questionnaire, which results in a curated selection of products that suit your taste. So less asymmetric, multi-coloured hoodies, and more of what you actually want.

Bespoke Post

We’re very much of the ‘quality over quantity’ school of thought, but some men just can’t resist the tempting allure of new stuff. Bespoke Post seeks to satisfy such box-fresh appetites, with users setting their preferences and receiving a monthly gift box that panders to a particular theme, be it brew-your-own beer, grooming supplies or cocktails.


Despite an abundance of face creams with names like ‘hibiscus-infused collagen anti-ageing dragon truth serum’, Birchbox isn’t just for girls. The world’s leading bathroom shelf subscription box now caters to the man part of mankind, with a selection of scrubs, oils and pastes from brands including Dr Jackson’s, Marvis and HealGel.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is an online styling service for the classic dresser. Instead of identifying top trends that are likely to fizzle out, the expert team advises on staple pieces made to last. Plus, the service’s focus on efficiency makes it a stress-free affair.

Henry J Socks

We’re all guilty of neglecting the laundry pile over the weekend. So, instead of digging through your dirties come Monday, opt for Henry J Socks – a vibrant subscription service that replenishes your underwear supply on a monthly basis. Those cautious of the colour wheel need not fear, as the brand also stocks traditional shades that dial down on the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Toes vibes.


There is a way to avoid the washing machine entirely, though. Love2Laundry is an online and app-based service that collects your laundry, cleans it and returns it fresher than a Mayfair-pressed suit. Sure, at £25 a bag it can quickly become an expensive habit, but that means less life admin eating into your leisure time.

Visiting Tailors

If you, like 99 per cent of the population, don’t have a world-leading tailoring street on your doorstep, opt for second best: Savile Row on a scooter. Henry Herbert is just one company which will visit you at home with the necessary tools to craft a bespoke suit or carry out alterations. Don’t stress if you’re far from a London postcode, either – there are plenty of alternatives all over the UK.