“What causes dandruff and how can I get rid of it?”

Shawn via email.

We may be hurtling headlong into spring, but for up to 50 per cent of men, it’s an unfortunate statistic that snow season lasts all year round.

Dandruff is the term given to dead skin cells that collect in the hair, beard or even eyebrows when yeast builds up around the base of follicles.

Fortunately, the root cause of these annoying scalp scales is preventable and treatable, making swapping flecks appeal for sex appeal an entirely achievable goal.

The easiest way to become flake-free is by using an anti-dandruff shampoo as part of a daily grooming regime. Most are formulated to reduce the rate of cell growth on the epidermis, while others contain powerful anti-fungal agents to tackle the yeast head-on.

If after this flakes are still seasoning your shoulders, trichologist Philip Kingsley suggests cutting back on foods high in salt, fat and sugar, as well as reducing stress levels with activities such as yoga, pilates, mindfulness or light exercise.

Of course, persistent dandruff might be the sign of a bigger problem, like a fungal infection. If traditional treatments and shampoos aren’t solving the problem, consult a dermatologist as it could require specialist treatment.

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