Channing Tatum didn’t land a role in the 2012 strip-flick Magic Mike without honing an impressive set of paving slab pecs, and thighs that could dislodge a door frame.

However, once the Velcro-fastened trousers are off, this physique can make the task of finding a well-fitting whistle more slippery than a baby-oiled gigolo.

Fortunately, the actor proved himself to be a grand master of the stacked man’s suit at the premiere of Amazon’s Comrade Detective in LA.

Chan opted for a sleek looking two-piece that fits perfectly at the shoulders but still nips in at the waist (no doubt with the help of a tailor). Plus, peak lapels have been swerved in favour of the notch kind, to avoid emphasising an already broad chest into Popeye territory.

Then there’s the carefully considered pleat on the trousers. Not only does this add proportion downstairs, but the front-facing line always helps draw the eye vertically to streamline his shape.

Pack these magic rules into a wearable navy shade, and you’re left with a suit as flattering as it is foolproof. Let’s just hope he kept it all on this time.