There’s little about the 80s worth reviving: perms, shoulder pads and frankly ludicrous fiscal policy are just three things that should stay dead with Knight Rider. That said, Chris Hemsworth’s latest tailoring move at Comic Con is well worth a reincarnation.

Miami Vice called, Chris – it wants its rolled-up sleeves back. The oft-maligned styling move is a risky one because frankly, it usually looks awful. Hemsworth pulls it off, though. The 33-year-old made one of the biggest tailoring faux pas look good by maintaining a wearable blue colour palette (as opposed to Tony Montana’s all-white eyesore). It gives the Thor star wiggle room to debut the high-risk move, further paring back on the statement with a failsafe white T-shirt. The rolled-up sleeve firmly plants his look in that tricky smart-casual bracket.

So, rolled-up sleeves: acceptable in the 80s and, providing you follow Hemsworth’s lead, more than relevant in 2017. Just without the Rick Astley moves. And definitely not at your job interview.