David Beckham’s enjoying something of a transformation. The 42-year-old has a (mostly) good track record for taking sartorial risks, and none more so than his latest hairstyle: a twist on the man bun.

Once the go-to for crusty hippies on a quest to find themselves, then for hipsters on a quest to find another flat white, it’s now a contentious men’s cut with one foot in the mainstream. There’s a huge margin for error. Too messy and you risk looking like said crusty hippies, too thin and it looks more like a balding cover-up than a legit style.

As is often the case in the David Beckham hairstyle gallery, however, he gets the balance right.

First, there’s the length. Hair that hits around the chin can be neatly tied back into a modest-sized bun, therefore hairing on the side of caution.

Then, take note of the execution. Stray hairs are kept to a bare minimum by what looks to be a minimal amount of product to the top and sides – essential for a perfect slickback. A few stragglers to the back are unavoidable, and serve to keep the look casual.

Long hair on men will always have its detractors, of course. For those willing to take the plunge however, Beckham’s style proves that it can work without straying into insufferable hipster territory.