Summer weddings can be a slog. Not only does the stag, gift and hotel booking all add up, but there’s also the eternal conundrum of what to wear as the mercury soars.

While (despite big-figure sums fronting campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Marks & Spencer) David Gandy can’t help with the expense of attending, he does at least have some advice for looking good when doing so.

Speaking as the ambassador for the London Sock Company, the male model, stylish guy and all round man-God advises turning to fabric as the main source of chill.

“Look to items in a lightweight cotton, or even better, linen. This way you can look and feel smart, without overheating,” he says. “In summer it’s nice to stick to pastel tones too, or creams and whites. Pair with some khaki chinos or trousers for a Riviera look.”

Sure, it helps that Gandy is really, really handsome (did we mention he’s handsome?) but that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic a few of his signature styling moves and look just as good.

“I believe in keeping wedding attire classic and understated. Pocket squares and socks are a great way to add some detail, colour and individuality, whatever your role as a guest or groom.”

Although these extra purchases might make another dent in the current account, with weddings increasingly common past the age of 25, they’ll certainly clinch the cost-per-wear ratio – with or without a supermodel’s salary.

Image: Philip Panting

Image: Philip Panting

Image: Alan Clarke