David Gandy is a rare bird. Not just one of the world’s few male supermodels, he’s pretty much the only one whose name we actually know – something that can’t be said of most chiseled-faced (yet oddly faceless) frontmen splayed across fashion magazines and Instagram.

What’s more, while the DNA lottery winner is hateably handsome, the truth is that he’s actually kind of difficult to hate. That’s because, relatively speaking, he’s a normal bloke – and one that doesn’t follow a multi-million self-maintenance regime that spirals into the thousands.

That’s not to say the abs that secured campaigns for everyone from D&G to M&S weren’t hard-won in hard-won in the gym. But the face of Wellman supplements is also about the little things – the bathroom cabinet, nutrition and daily habits – that can make all the difference to your appearance and, better yet, apply to everyone.

When we caught up with Gandy recently, he revealed the tricks and habits you can embrace in your own morning routine. We can’t guarantee a modelling contract, but his advice should be grooming gospel.

How would you describe your grooming routine?
Sometimes it’s great and sometimes I hate it – but I have no routine. It changes daily and weekly, and it always has for the last 15 years. I’m travelling less now, but that doesn’t stop my morning being any different.

Although there’s no real routine in the morning, there are a few things products I always use: an SPF moisturiser with a skin cream, and a thicker one to protect in the evening. Just do what you can.

What’s your number one grooming tip?
Trim, don’t shave – it’s terrible for your skin. There are so many problems involved with clean shaving, from dryness to irritation to ingrowing hairs. So by trimming, you can jump over these hurdles and still rock minimal stubble.

What three things are always in your bathroom cabinet?
A good scrub – that should be used a couple of times a week to lift and remove dead skin cells. Then everyone should use a good serum and a moisturiser to penetrate the cells below. Plus, if your skin can take it, a little oil can keep you looking and feeling fresh.

Say, on the off-chance, you enjoy a few too many drinks at a party. What’s the bare minimum the next day?
I’ve never been one to veg out, and luckily, I don’t really get hangovers. Not sure if I’ve just been carrying on through, but down tonnes of water as it’s so important for nutrition. Hangovers come from dehydration, so there’s no magical cure except drinking plenty of water.

Don’t get me wrong, a Bloody Mary really helps, but it’s certainly not the recommended. So just hit the water and a pair of sunglasses should all else fail.

Are there any grooming trends that are a load of rubbish?
I think the biggest problem is that men don’t do enough grooming. Outside a certain demographic, many think a moisturiser is enough when it probably isn’t. A lot of guys aren’t aware that moisture can only refresh cells beneath dead skin, so without a good scrub, it won’t have maximum impact.

Remember that it’s also worth spending a bit of money. The more natural and organic the product, the better. If alcohol is the third listed ingredient, it’s probably not very good for your skin. Bloody Marys probably won’t help either.

So, read the products. A colourful bottle on the shelf for a couple of quid is probably not the best, so spending a little extra on brands – I use Lancer, personally – are most recommended.

How big a part does diet and nutrition play into your regime?
What you’re putting on your skin can help with anti-ageing, but what you’re putting into your body matters the most.

Always question vitamin and nutrients intake, and are they the right ones? Are they organic? Is it all-natural? That’s what you should be looking for. There are rows of supplements and vitamins, and Wellman is one of the few that has an all-natural approach.

Again, food and nutrition is just as important. Fat-free doesn’t always mean fat-free for example; it could have tonnes of sugar and crap as a substitute, so stay away from processed foods.

One of the reasons I have so much energy is balanced nutrition. While your body can get rid of too much protein, it’ll just store too many carbs, so enjoy a balanced diet.

Of course, everyone needs to relax and have a day off – I’m an English guy who likes a drink as much as anyone else – but everything in moderation and all that.

Has your routine changed over the years as you’ve got older?
The time I spend grooming hasn’t increased, but I’m more aware of the different facets. For example, it wasn’t really until I met Larry King [the hairdresser, not the American television host] that I understood how a cut can really affect your hairstyle, as does drying it in a particular way. There are always new things to learn.

I’ve made many mistakes myself: not putting enough suntan lotion on and the like. Us English get very excited in the sun and don’t see the importance of protection, but age prevention is better than tackling it at a later stage.

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