F&F Classic Sunglasses

If your dad’s wraparounds blight family BBQs year round, upgrade his current shades with F&F’s classic sunglasses. Not too trend-led, but not totally devoid of style either, this timeless Wayfarer design makes for a far happier summer snap.

Available at Tesco, priced £4.

Clinique For Men Essentials Kit

Gift sets, usually containing shower gels with names like ‘Ice Blast’, are a unanimously naff way to say, “Cheers, old man.” Fortunately, Clinique has stepped in with its Essentials Kit, comprising a science-backed selection of face savers in manly gunmetal tubes that definitely won’t look like they’ve been re-gifted from the back of the cupboard.

Available at John Lewis, priced £30.

Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your pa has lived through the heyday of some of the most badass bands is music history (Queen, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd). So while you continue to blast Justin Bieber out of crappy cans, let him rock out with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Beoplay’s new P2 model uses a unique touch- and shake-sensitive interface which is hopefully unaffected by dad dancing.

Available at Selfridges, priced £149.

Philips OneBlade

Your dad probably grew up with dodgy facial hair throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, so bring him up to date with some revolutionary new grooming technology that can send that iffy ‘tache packing. The OneBlade is designed especially for men who wear facial hair styles and can trim, edge and shave any length of hair with minimal irritation thanks to an innovative dual protection system.

Available at Boots, priced £26.66.

The Man Who Was Brioni, Gaetano Savini

Whether your old man’s a builder or a banker, chances are he’ll appreciate a good suit – something that makes Brioni’s latest tome a failsafe gift. Expect vintage threads, handsome Italians and some very fine tailoring indeed – all at a fraction of actual real-life Brioni.

Available at Amazon, priced £60.

Crosley Executive Record Turntable

Better get polishing that old record collection: vinyl is back from the dead. And, thanks to the likes of Crosley, father dearest can relive his halcyon days and party like it’s 1989. Just make sure you’re out the house when he does.

Available at John Lewis, priced £59.

Deluxe Scratch Map

Your dad’s spent the best part of his life (and earnings) supporting you. Now it’s his turn. Kick off the post-retirement twilight years with a scratch map to encourage some well-deserved shore leave; just expect to hear the story about that cocky Spanish bartender several times over.

Available at Not On The High Street, priced £16.95.

Linea Shoe Care Kit

It’s a fact: nobody polishes shoes like a dad. No matter how hard you buff, shine and rub, your Oxfords are a dull diamond compared to your old man’s. So, give him an arsenal worthy of such skill via House Of Fraser – a set that contains four different brushes for military precision.

Available at House Of Fraser, priced £20.

Jack Wills Inver Wallet

You’ve been withdrawing from the bank of mum and dad for long enough. Make a kindly deposit for once with this handsome bi-fold wallet from Jack Wills. More practical than a card-holder, it has room for cards, coins and notes – without being so chunky that it leaves a telltale bulge in your old man’s jeans pocket.

Available at Jack Wills, priced £24.95.

Ted Baker Cophun Copper Cu

Ted Baker’s latest attempt at bottling summer is a successful one. Its Cu fragrance is striking without smelling like a city-boy pub at 5pm on a Friday. Sharp notes of grapefruit and pepper settle on something pleasantly aquatic – just the job for warm-weather getaways and long afternoons in a beer garden.

Available at Ted Baker, priced £34.

J. Crew Button-Down Oxford Shirt

As well as being age-proof, season-proof and idiot-proof, this light blue button-down shirt scores extra points this Father’s Day. And it’s not just thanks to its versatility. Net profits from the shirt will be donated to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, supported by Father & Son day.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £70.

John Lewis Knit Silk Tie

Give your alpha papa a sartorial edge by upping his accessories game. This squared-off knitted silk tie skirts the casual end of the formalwear spectrum but is still smart enough for the office or summer weddings.

Available at John Lewis, priced £25.

Talisker x Oliver Sweeney HIking Boot and Whisky Gift Set

For those whose budget is Skye high, this collaboration is nothing short of mouth-watering. Oliver Sweeney has created a hiking boot with a difference. The hand-burnished Italian leather comes with a distinctly Scottish addition in the form of a pouch that perfectly fits the hip flask packaged with this luxurious gift set. What better way to reward yourself for a five-mile, father-son hike than with a shared dram of Talisker 10-year-old?

Available at Oliver Sweeney, priced £595.

M&S VR Viewer for Smartphones

Dad just about mastered his iPhone? Stepping it up a notch doesn’t involve too much meddling when you add in this bargain Virtual Reality headset that works by simply downloading a VR app and popping your phone into it. Easy peasy.

Available at M&S, priced £9.50.

Huez* Starman Sock Game Socks

There comes a time in every man’s life when receiving socks as a gift switches from being unbearably boring to actually quite exciting (if it hasn’t happened yet, just wait). Chances are, though, your pa’s already at this stage – so ditch the novelty Scooby Doo socks and get him a pair that are designed for a more discerning dad. Ergonomically designed with cyclists in mind to limit movement while riding, they also feature wicking to minimise paternal perspiration.

Available at Huez, priced £15.

Darbymade Brown Leather Monogrammed Glasses Case

Dads misplacing their glasses might be an unfair stereotype – but that doesn’t necessarily make it less annoying. Allay any fears they’ve been lost for good with this personalised monogrammed case, handmade from premium leather by expert craftswoman Lesley who has over 30 years’ experience.

Available at Darbymade, priced £49.

Kronaby Apex Tan Leather Smartwatch

Smartwatches have a habit of being incredibly smart technologically, much less so aesthetically. Step forward Kronaby, who’ve combined classic styling and an Italian leather finish with some serious tech. This wrist assistant can take calls, count steps, control your camera remotely, skip music, find your iPhone and GeoTag locations, as well as having ‘Walk Me Home’ technology, allowing approved followers to track a journey from start to finish.

Available at Kronaby, priced £445.

Creed Aventus

Family businesses aren’t limited to small bakeries or, you know, the mob. Heritage firm Creed has been passed down through an unbroken bloodline of seven master perfumers over its 250-year history, making scents like the best-selling Aventus the perfect choice for sending something back up the family tree.

Available at Creed, priced £170.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot

The dad-bod may have caught on but there will forever be a special place in hell reserved for ‘dad-shoes’. Swap (read: burn) any non-ironic eighties runners and replace them with a classic pair of desert boots. Clarks Originals set the standard in this category at a price that’s hard to beat.

Available at End Clothing, priced £95.

Cocoon Grid-It Organiser

Dads are pretty proud of the ‘man drawer’, and rightly so: years carefully curated phone chargers, takeaway menus and now-defunct foreign currency. But for a smarter solution, the Cocoon Grid-It Organiser uses woven rubberised elastic bands for a cool, customisable way to neatly stow away all the same post-apocalypse essentials.

Available at Amazon, priced £19.29.