Since the dawn of time (or at least David Gandy), we’ve been told how women long for a tall, dark and handsome man to carry them away into a life of love, happiness and above-average selfies. But it’s not true!

A new survey released by dating site paints quite a different picture of romantic perfection. After analysing the choices of millions of female members online, they found that the majority prefer shorter men with dad bods, as well as doctors and French guys – none of which are mutually exclusive traits.

Speaking to The Independent,’s dating expert Vicky Pavitt explained the phenomenon: “What the research shows is a changing preference in what people find attractive but of course, preference can’t predict compatibility. The idea of a ‘perfect partner’ doesn’t exist, so be open-minded about the types of people that you could be attracted to.”

So while the Clooneys and Gandys of the world still hold a place in a million hearts, know that tastes are a changing. Or men are just getting shorter.