How does he always look so good? The perennial question around David Beckham was asked once again this week, when users on social media suggested that it looked as though he’d had botox. Unusually, Beckham responded to the accusation.

He took to Instagram to hit back at a user that claimed the 42-year-old had benefited from a little injectable assistance. Commenting at a user named @stasdoeshair, Beckham said: “I don’t agree with Botox miss… but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Which should clear up the whole debacle quickly and quietly. Since celebrities often say one thing and do another, however, the debate has not been settled. Are Beckham’s good looks down to good DNA, an excellent grooming regime, or has Becks paid to turn back the clock? We asked the pros.

Kay Greveson, nurse practitioner at Regents Park Aesthetics, said of the transformation: “It doesn’t look like he has, to be honest. You could look for the lack of expression lines, and there are still crows feet apparent when Beckham smiles. Plus, there are static lines on the forehead from frequent expressions – these would be softer after botox.”

So far, so natural. But Greveson admits that it’s difficult to get a true picture, there’s by no means a consensus. And not everyone thinks Beckham’s youthful complexion is down to very good moisturiser.

Harley Street surgeon Dr George Samouris of The Hospital Group said: “I believe Beckham has had botox performed to his whole forehead and glabella – the area between the eyebrows. The lines of expression are a little smoother, and there’s perhaps a chemical peel at play as his skin looks bright and fresh.”

If he has had it done, he wouldn’t be alone. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons believes that the number of men having this procedure has increased by over 300 per cent since the start of the 21st century.

So, what do you reckon: David Beckham, natural beauty or slave to the botox? Do you care if he has? And would you do it yourself?