We get it: the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab is hot property. However, despite a Beckham endorsement and the mammoth queues of wide-leg-trousered teens, we can’t help but think the hype is in danger of going a step too far.

Case in point, this custom creation by cult sneak cobbler Obuwnik. The remixed Adidas NMD CS1 (it’s not an official threeway collaboration) is undoubtedly set for viral greatness, yet has it all gotten a bit much? The original model is a statement in itself (and one that many would eschew in favour of something simpler), so combine that with Louis Vuitton’s often polarising print and your footwear will be speaking at a volume normally reserved for a Donald Trump rally.

It’s no bad thing if you revel in a louder wardrobe, we suppose. Though factor in the £285 price tag, and you’re looking at a phenomenal cost for something that’s neither official merch, nor likely to clinch the cost-per-wear ratio.

In short: a collab between a leading streetwear brand and a French luxury fashion house with a custom limited edition sneaker remix from an Instagram-vendor. Our heads hurt (and it isn’t just the print).