Here’s What Women Really Think About Men Who Manscape ‘Downstairs’

Good old pornography is usually an excellent (and depressing) marker of pubic hair trends. We had the Hair Bear Bunch of the ’70s, a closer crop for the ’80s and the advent of Brazilians in the ’90s. But in age age of all-off and squeaky clean, is the Ken doll look really what the opposite sex wants?

Not quite, according to a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan. Of over 4,000 people quizzed, 70 percent of women said they prefer their men trimmed. Which means self-maintenance for most without the Red Tube finish. If you are tempted to go starkers down south however, know that only 12 percent of respondents fancied their fella completely bare.

There’s no need to be splitting hairs in your manscaping routine just yet, though. A mere 19 percent of women considered off-kilter curlies a potential deal breaker – decidedly less than 30 percent of men. We blame PornHub.

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