Elsa Hosk & Sara Sampaio

Heaven must be missing an angel or two. Victoria’s worst-kept secrets Elsa Hosk and Sara Sampaio made for a divine addition at one of the brand’s in-store events this week.

Charlize Theron

Looks like Charlize Theron forgot her shirt at the Atomic Blonde premiere, not that we’re complaining. The South African-American megastar nails a step-and-repeat harder than any crime-fighting blonde MI6 operative.

Eleanor Tomlinson

Though Eleanor Tomlinson takes all of the good parts of other famous femmes – Christina Hendricks’ hair, Gigi’s cheeks, Kendall’s physique and the like – the 25-year-old actress is more wife material than Frankenstein’s bride.

Alexa Chung

If you thought Alexa Chung would look good in your white shirt the morning after, turns out she fills your three-piece even better. Suits you, madam.

Bella Hadid

The all-white outfit isn’t fooling us, Bella – after dating someone as dirty-worded as The Weeknd, you can’t be all that innocent. No bad thing, in our book.

Halle Berry

After the cinematic tragedies that were Swordfish and Catwoman, Halle Berry is enjoying something of a renaissance, and we’re just not talking the on-screen roles.

Kendall Jenner

Only Kendall could turn up to a sci-fi premiere dressed like a sexy Power Ranger villain and get away with it. Out of this world.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is the ultimate girl-next-door. Well, she is if you own a £15 million townhouse on Primrose Hill. Better get saving.

Tanya Mityushina

Thanks to gigs with Victoria’s Secret and Intimissimi, model Tanya Mityushina has the world going a little bit Moscow mad of late. From Russia with love, and then some.

Victoria Justice

In the grand tradition of grown-up Disney stars, Victoria Justice has shed the wholesome image for a more flaming starlet look. Watch out, Selena.