Johannes Huebl is rarely seen without a three-piece suit, perfectly coiffed quiff and, of course, Olivia Palermo. It seems in his older years however, the German model seems to be dressing down (though, thankfully, his wife is still very much around).

Not that we’re levelling it as a criticism. To the contrary, the German model was just as sharp in civvies as he is full tailoring at the Wind River screening in New York. And better yet, he managed to meld the two with one single piece: the double-breasted jacket.

Except this isn’t the double-breasted jacket as you know it. By settling for a knit as opposed to say, herringbone or cotton twill, the piece finds a relaxed shape that can be dressed up – or in this case, down – at will. The key features of Savile Row’s finest have found a slouchy home that sits comfortably with choice chinos, some minimalist sneaks and a bi-coloured watch of the Swiss variety.

Sure, it might not be as suitable for the red carpet. But as Huebl is increasingly proving, smart-casual can look just as sharp.