There are certain things that are a given in relationships: trips to Ikea, spooning, the dirty dishes row and – according to new research – sexting.

Sexting is a massive part of relationships. So big, in fact, that three in four Americans say they sext their partners, according to the NY Post.

The Kinsey Institute’s annual International Sex Survey, involving more than 140,000 people from almost 200 countries, found Americans to be the biggest sexters, followed closely by South Africans, Japanese and South Koreans.

Just over two thirds of American sexters use the normal SMS to send their dirty snaps, and just over a third used Snapchat. Because who wants to risk a carefully-curated below-the-belt shot going online?

On average, 67 per cent of people worldwide exchange sexts with their partners. This is a massive increase from five years ago, when only 21 per cent of us did so. And they say romance is dead.