Even the word ‘moustache’ is enough to cause a shudder. The once cool grooming trend was thought to have died with the likes of Freddie Mercury, only to be consigned to sex offender registries from then on – something that may well be changing if Tinseltown has anything to do with it.

Recently, a slew of celebrities – namely Dawson’s Creek alumnus James Van Der Beek – have been seen sporting some top lip topiary. And it actually looks, dare we say it, pretty good. He’s not alone either: Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes fame and incumbent Superman Henry Cavill are also fellow thespians taking a hold of the handlebars.

Before you grab the razor, however, let it be known that growing a moustache is not for everyone. First, you need the Hollywood jawline – that square, all-American anvil of a jawbone. If you’re without, you’ll look more weird uncle than leading man.

Your haircut should also be well-maintained. A moustache will compound any unkempt crop and project a message of general untidiness to both your head and your face. What’s more, consider balancing out a thicker top lip with stubble elsewhere – Borat never was, or will be, a style icon.

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When all’s said and done, the moustache will likely remain a divisive grooming trend. If Hollywood takes the lead though – as it so often does – don’t be surprised to see a surge in some under-nose crop rotation.