The man behind Mr Selfridge isn’t just looking to the early 1900s for some wardrobe inspiration. More recently, Jeremy Piven tapped a far more divisive era – the early noughties – for his red carpet look, employing an article of clothing worse than a bout of rubella. We’re talking about the V-neck T-shirt.

He actually pulled it off, too. At the annual CBS TV Summer Soiree, the 52-year-old deployed a tricky piece by limiting depth, with no plunge – and with it, no reference to the creatures of Geordie Shore – ensuring the look stayed in high regard. A modest, almost rounded V-neck (modest being the keyword here) can prove flattering to those with a stockier frame, as the shape pulls the eyes down away from wider shoulders.

When placed within a relatively staple outfit too, Piven packs a look that’s sharp and wearable. No fuss, and thankfully, no sign of Ed Hardy either. Ari Gold would be proud.