Joe Jonas has dared to wear many debatable menswear trends: a baseball cap and shades, all white, even red trousers. However, there’s one retro look that even Sansa Stark’s fella might struggle to crush: the moustache.

And we’re not just talking some minor top lip topiary here. At an Airbnb event in New York, the 28-year-old went full-on Freddie Mercury with a thick, preened slug and minimal stubble elsewhere. Not that we’re dissing Queen’s frontman. To the contrary, he left an iconic back catalogue ripe for The X Factor to bastardise on a yearly basis, but his facial hair is probably best forgotten.

Jonas isn’t alone, either. Two Jameses – of the Franco and the Van Der Beek variety – have been recently spotted with similar nose curtains. Then consider Henry Cavill and Brad Pitt, too. If Superman and Hollywood’s coolest veteran are onboard, does that make the moustache legitimately cool again?

There’s no clear-cut answer. If you are tempted however, know that growing a moustache takes work. And strong genes. Only those blessed with a Tinseltown jawline – you know the one, that square, all-American block of handsome goodness – should attempt a moustache, lest you look like the token weirdo that used to hang around at the back of the school field. Plus, the hair on your head should be well-maintained, as a moustache will only exude untidiness if paired with a straggly cut up-top.

Even if you do tick all the boxes it’s still a tricky move. So, what’s the verdict: a phoenix waiting to rise from the ‘taches, or too close a shave with the eighties? We’ll leave that decision to you.