We all remember what Ygritte used to say: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” But she’s seen the man dressed all in black so she must realise that Kit Harington knows how to work the monochrome look.

At this year’s Giffoni Film Festival, the Game of Thrones star marched the campaign trail in foolproof black-and-white – an easy win that’s smart without being staid. By opting for a granddad collar shirt, the 30-year-old pivots away from standard dress shirts and Oxfords and simply lets a good fit make all the noise. No Stark furs needed.

Pair that with equally tailored trousers and monkstraps below, and Harington is definitive proof that black-and-white will always reign supreme, especially in smart-casual settings. All you need for a Kit-worthy kit is quality staples that take your shape into account.

All hail, the new King of the North. And monochrome menswear.