Lewis Hamilton, the darling of Formula 1, made his name with a foot on the accelerator and a penchant for taking corners at 120mph. Sadly, the same skills don’t lend themselves well to getting dressed.

Gone are the days of a handsome young chap smiling in a boiler suit. Instead, we’ve got Lewis Hamilton 2.oh-my-word – a mash-up between a Sean Paul video, a kid’s TV presenter and your granddad’s last holiday to Corfu. None of which is meant in a good way, we’re afraid.

It’s a rare misstep for Hamilton, who usually keeps statement dressing on the right side of Liberace. At London Fashion Week, however, the three-time World Champion hit the front row in a series of retina-scorching looks. The double-layered vibe at the Tommy Hilfiger show is better left to jocks of the mid-noughties, while a burnt orange colour palette is foiled with flashes of ungainly green, blue and yellow.

We’re not completely against it, though. Switching the underlayer with a white T-shirt would’ve been a simpler way to double-up while doubling down on statement. Plus, a lighter colour palette dials back a few shades to make even orange trousers semi-wearable.

That said, he’s taken to knocking about with Neymar of late (a man not exactly known for his minimalist wardrobe). Let’s hope it’s not the fast lane to a midlife crisis.