Anyone who decried purple tailoring as the stuff of Willy Wonka would have had our blessing. Everyone except Prince has a hard time pulling off that colour. Then Matthew McConnaughey came out of nowhere to prove you, and us, entirely wrong.

At the premiere of his latest film The Dark Tower, the 47-year-old debuted a two-piece equal parts cool and classic. Which sounds ridiculous, considering it’s purple. By focusing on a darker shade than, say, a Dairy Milk shimmer, the suit is dialled down into wearable territory.

Take note of the fabric itself, too. A faint check – a long favoured method of adding depth by Mayfair dandies – breaks up any overarching notions of a bruise. Factor in the crisp white shirt, muted tie and foolproof Oxfords, and McConnaughey’s final look is a fine pivot away from typical red carpet clobber.

We don’t all have Hollywood looks and pay packets. McConnaughey, however, is proof enough that tailoring shouldn’t be confined to simple monochromes.